Frosty the Snowgeek

OK that’s it!! I have to declare that I am living in the wrong place. This winter has by far been a fabulous one for here due to the lack of major snowfall. However that doesn’t change the misery I have experienced this week one bit. We have had a handful of snowfalls since the new year and each time we do it?s the same thing. Virtually non-existent snow clearing by our lovely municipal clown council and a bunch of drivers that should NOT be allowed on the road. Seriously, I almost got clipped about 20 times on my way to work today by people who don’t know how to drive. Then there are those that will drive under 20 as soon as the first snow flake hits the ground thus backing traffic up for miles.

Now don’t get me wrong. You might have just categorized my mini-rage as the product of someone who might be an aggressive driver. I am quite the opposite actually. My boyfriend calls me Miss Daisy on a fairly regular basis. But what is up with it taking me over an hour (an hour and a half today) to get to work when I live 12 minutes from the office. I need to install an espresso machine in my car – I am sure there is a mod-site on the web that could show me how.

I know I should be grateful that we haven’t been getting dumped on like we have over the past few years. But I can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to complain about the sand filling up in my sandals as I walked down the beach to work each day. :-)

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