Who Loves Microsoft?

Apparently I do. If you do a search on “Love Microsoft” in Google, I come up on page 2. Given that I have only posted about that once I figure that means one of two things. Either:

1. Google recognizes the immense appreciation that I have for this particular company.

2. Not too many other people have used those two words together in a post / website.

Of course I am just carrying on but I do think its time for more people to start recognizing some of the positive things that Microsoft have been doing for our community. From a small business perspective I discussed some of those here so I won’t repeat myself. But its really time to let the old “evil empire” spiel go to rest. There should be a new law made that if you can’t say something about Microsoft that hasn’t be regurgitated by a thousand anti-microsofters already – don’t speak.

Traditionally the loudest voices in the user communities have been the ubertechies. These are the guys/gals that are very much in love with their penguins, open source, and anti-microsoft debates and love to talk about it. More power to them. They have done a great job at developing their own support system and have hopefully benefited from it in their own way.

Times are a changing however. Now there are more voices being heard. I think mainly through the development of the blogging community which has opened up the communication channels for a variety of different user types. Discussions are developing on things like new emerging technologies, customer service, employee empowerment, productivity, agile management, relationships etc… Its generally not hard to find a topic of interest and especially not hard to join a discussion on it.

People like myself have had the opportunity to touch base with users all over the globe and share correspondence on things that matter deeply to us. Some tech, some business and a lot about people.

Microsoft is no longer a company that is known for one person. From reading many of the employee blogs one can recognize that it is a company made up of thousands of exciting, hard working, intelligent and thoughtful people. People that care about the same things that the rest of us care about. People that work hard to meet deadlines. People that have families. People that get worried when a customer is upset. People that make mistakes and learn from them. People that continue to push the limits and never stop learning and growing. Good people like you and me.

So in conclusion…I still love Microsoft the company for all the tools it has given me to do my job better. But these days I am really appreciating Microsoft for the PEOPLE that have developed these tools and brought them to me.

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