WinFS, Avalon and Indigo

The Longhorn Pillars

Some of my favorite items discussed:

“New services for migration from one machine to another. Aim is to reduce the work necessary to rebuild a machine or copy settings from one place to another.”

“Most importantly, we have moved to a “declarative programming model”. XAML is a markup language that enables you to separate code from content. With XAML, you build up the UI design as an XML file, with code-behind partial classes implementing the underlying functionality. The XAML gets compiled into a partial class too, and together they make up an executable.”

“WinFS provides a schema-based structure that allows for metadata to be created and searched in an arbitrary order. No longer are you limited to a hierarchical file system structure – you can drill down according to dynamically-chosen properties. Longhorn will include some standard schemas (for example, people, calendars and documents); you can extend these schemas or build your own.”

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