Dude Where’s My Game?

So I was watching the ballgame last night, top of the 7th, bases loaded, tied game…

Digital cable receiver shuts off. I jump up thinking I accidentally hit remote but find the remote sitting on the table. I pick it up, go to turn on cable box. Nothing. At this point I am thinking, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

So I screw around with things a bit and manage to manually get game back on by going directly through TV. Yankees lost. *groan*

After the game, I start messing around with the cable again but to no avail so I just gave up and assumed that it would be working in morning.

It wasn’t working today either so Shane called in this evening to find out that apparently I had cancelled our digital cable bundle yesterday. The funny thing is…I didn’t. The girl said there was a message on our account saying that I cancelled our bundle package because I wanted the sports package. Real weird. Of course she also tried to tell Shane that he was born in a different year than he was too because it said so on our account.

I really pitied the girl because she had to be thinking WE were nuts. I mean I am sure it probably did say whatever she was reading on our account. I guess that someone must have entered information in on the wrong account. Anyhow all is well again now and game 7 is coming on in a couple of hours.

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