Update on Tablet PC Progress

Wow I was just thinking and I have been using the Tablet for about 3 months now and I have to say I have become extremely attached to it. Or rather I guess it would be more appropriate to say it has really become attached to me.

There is often a lot of debate around why or why not to purchase a Tablet. But what new technology isn’t scrutinized to the point of insanity? In the same way that there are those of us who find certain new technology exhilarating and enjoy seek ways to adopt it into our work processes, there are also others…

A) Those who don’t get it – because they are adverse to change or perhaps just too intimidated by new concepts or processes. Perhaps they are unable to see the value in new technology.

B) Those who don’t want to get it – they are instead merely perfectly satisfied with what they have. These people strongly believe in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. This is certainly not always a bad attitude.

C) Those who refuse to get it - maybe because accepting new technology and concepts threaten their feeling of “knowing it all” or being “the best”.

When it comes to new technology, whether its a piece of hardware or a new platform, the key is being open to trying new things, and knowing when it is appropriate use it.

The tablet pc is the perfect example of that for me. I don’t use it for EVERYTHING. But I do use it a lot. The key for me was learning when it was effective for me to use ink and when it wasn’t.

At first I dove in and used ink for everything. Partially because of the novelty and partly because I still hadn’t worked out my own system for how to do things.

But once I started really getting familiar with the different programs and understanding where my efficiencies lay, I was able to modify my work processes to make the Tablet a beneficial tool.

Does that mean I am never going to use my desktop again? Of course not. In fact I still use my desktop regularly.

But the tablet has reduced a great deal of redundant work for me. I am a note taker. I take a lot of notes and I make a lot of lists. Being a process minded person, I have to document steps for just about everything. A tablet pc allows me to take notes anytime, anywhere. I can share my notes with anyone who wants them, in electronic or hard copy. As well, instead of having 23 different post it notes all over my desk and 5 different note pads blocked full of scribbles, I can have all my information stored in an easily accessible and convenient location.

I also like diagrams. Sometimes I can’t see how something is going to look in my head so I draw it out until it feels right. Sometimes I can see something in my head but I still draw it out because I may want to show someone else or by the time I get around to working on it, I may not be able to see it anymore. The tablet is great for drawings and mockups. I can directly paste notes from another document directly next to my diagram to illustrate

I like being able to multitask or obtain information fast. Sometimes in a meeting it would be inappropriate to be typing away and visually clicking around the screen. The tablet offers discretion.

I enjoy having a personalized whiteboard that I can project notes, drawings or images onto a screen while working with a team. But I enjoy even more being able to save this information for everyone’s reference later rather than having members of the team distracted with recreating it on paper.

More importantly I hate paper. But I was never overly comfortable as a screen reader. This has changed drastically for me with the tablet. I now print things for other people usually but use the tablet for reference or notes myself.

So in conclusion, I love the Tablet. I am glad I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to use it. And while I don’t believe its the solution for everything, I would find it difficult to remove from my work process and revert back to my previous practices.

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