Day 1: Tablet PC

My boss let me borrow his tablet PC today. He said i could use if for a week to sees what its like. so i plan to keep a log starting today of everything i learn.

So far l have very basic things down, but i must say the handwriting recognition is amazing. i am intentionally not fixing any errors so that lcan monitor my progress .

One thing i haven’t decided on is whether i like using it in landscape or portrait mode .

Landscape is more screen likeand idon’t feel like lam smudgingthe screen as much.

One thing i notice already is that the more i write the sloppier my handwriting gets and the more mistakes i am making. it reminds me of writing lines on the chalk board. i used to be a chatterbox ok. i would start off so perfect and by the time i was done the bottom line was twice as wide as the top line.

My boss had “Mind manager” installed so I tried that out in a design session we had this afternoon. The brainstorming Concept is pretty cool and closely matches my way of notes taking.i need to try converting my notes into others docs and tasks now.

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