Upcoming St. John’s .NET User Group Meetings. (Coming up … Silverlight!)

Monday, August 27th, 2007 (7:00PM – 9:00PM) 

Room IIC2001 in the Inco Building at MUN (New Building!)


Mark Simms will drop by to provide an introduction to a basic embedded system, running on an Atmel ARM microprocessor.  A few basic tasks will be demonstrated, including responding to input (buttons) and flashing some LEDs.  A .NET application will be built to interface with the embedded system over a serial port.  As always prizes will be given away after the event and pizza will be served.



Monday, September 17th, 2007 (7:00PM – 9:00PM) 

Room TBA


Jason Beres from Infragistics will be coming to our group as part of a cross Canada tour to present to us on Silverlight.  Silverlight is arguably the biggest shift in Microsoft strategy on the web since IE was introduced over 10 years ago.  With the reach of cross platform and the richness of the .NET framework, the future of building Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) has never been more exciting.  In this talk, you will learn about Silverlight, the platforms, tools and technologies you can use to build Silverlight applications, and how it differs from the full Windows Presentation Foundation platform in .NET 3.0 and how Silverlight can be used in conjunction with other technologies, such as ASP.NET Ajax, Web Services and Visual Studio 2008.


Jason Beres is the Director of Product Management for Infragistics, the world’s leading publisher of presentation layer tools.  Jason is one of the founders of Florida .NET User Groups, he is the founder of the New Jersey .NET User Group, he is a Visual Basic .NET MVP, and he is on the INETA Speakers Bureau.  Jason is the author of several books on .NET development, he is a national and international speaker conference speaker, he is a frequent columnist for several .NET publications, and keeps very active in the .NET community.


I hope to see you all at these two great events.  As always, to help us ensure we have adequate refreshments and prizes, please register for both events using the following link:


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