Toys versus Work ….

Last night Amanda and I picked up a new gadget for our living room.  We’ve been so buried in book and other projects over the past 6 months we figured it was time to buy something fun!

We came home with this!  Now we can see how much better the XBOX360 is in High Definition! :)

4 comments on “Toys versus Work ….

  1. Kanwal says:

    The wife and I have been comtemplating this also. Let us know how the xbox 360 “performs” with the additional hardware

  2. Sweet! You deserve it. I cant wait until my wife gives me the go ahead to replace our 32 inch set for a bigger model (the better for Halo 2 cooperative mode :-)

  3. Great selection and I couldn’t agree more about the xBox comment in HD. You’ll notice a difference depending on the games or movies you are into! We just purchased a 52in HD and my fiance has a tough time pulling me away; not to mention it doubles as a computer monitor!



  4. grayghost says:

    I would actually characterize this as a work purchase :) Gotta have room to put your site defs spread out you know?

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