Coming Back Around

It’s been a while since I have posted. The past 6-7 months have been pretty crazy for me in a lot of ways and as a result, this blog has been neglected far more than I had hoped.

For a while, I was feeling a little burned out from writing after the book project. It was a great experience but I found that it took it’s toll on my whole work / life balance. Basically for 8 months, Shane and I became accustomed to working our day jobs and then coming home and writing for anywhere between 4-8 hours a night. Sometimes after a long day, it can be very challenging to think clearly enough to write about a topic. To help we would often go to our favorite coffee shop for a couple of hours in between to write so that it didn’t seem so repetitive. Plus during the time I was traveling a lot for work so that made things even tougher. So needless to say when we were done, there was a serious need for some R&R.

So that is what we did…

We went out and brought a new truck and a camper and spent whatever moments we could outside under the stars and next to a camp fire. We finally got to spend some time kicking back and having fun together as a couple rather than merely being co-workers or book writing partners. It was an amazing summer and I may have even set a new record for number of hours spent offline. Well as offline as one can get with a Windows Mobile phone that is always connected but you get the idea. :-)


Now that the ground is starting to freeze and preparing to turn a shade of white for the next 4-5 months, I will be spending more time inside and consequently writing. For a while I was having a hard time thinking of things to write since we covered so much in the book. Now I have collected a pile of topics that act as extensions or further details to those topics covered that I am looking forward to putting into something people can benefit here on my blog. As always if you have any requests for things you would like to see covered, please use my comments.

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