Add Advanced Search to a Top Level Team Site in MOSS 2007

If you are running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and have created a site from a collaborative template such as the Team Site template or Blank Site template, you may notice that by default you do not see the Advanced Search option to the right of your search box as you do when you create a Publishing Portal or Collaboration Portal. The screen shots below illustrate the difference.

Top Level Collaboration Portal Search Box

Top Level Team Site Search Box

A reader of our book asked a great question in our forums on how to add the link if you have a team site as the top level site in your site collection. I supplied a quick answer in forum but then realized it might be a good topic to post about in more detail here.

Basically to get started, in order to use the Advanced Search, you need to have a page from which to perform your query and then another to display the search results. MOSS 2007 has page layouts / template for each of these as well as provides you with customizable web parts if you want to create everything completely from scratch to suit your specific requirements. However the quickest route would be for you to create a sub site on your team site using the Search Center template as this site template already contains the elements you require. This is the same template that is used for the search site in the Collaboration portal which many organizations use as the starting point for their Corporate Intranet. The steps for doing so are described below.

  1. From the home page of your top level team site, select Create from the Site Actions menu.
  2. Select Sites and Workspaces from the Web Pages category.
  3. Fill in the details for your new site. Be sure to select the Search Center template under the Enterprise tab. Also it is a good idea to inherit permissions of your top level site since you would likely want to ensure all users of top level site will be able to access the advanced search interface.



  4. Click the Create button to complete the creation of your new search site.
  5. You will be redirected to the home page of your new search site. The page will be displaying a search box with a link to the Advanced Search page.


  6. Click the Advanced Search link.
  7. From the Advanced Search page, copy the url of the page.
  8. Select Site Settings from the Site Actions menu.
  9. Because you are on a sub site to your top level site where the majority of site collection settings exist, you need to then select Go to Top Level Site Settings.
  10. Select Search Settings.



  11. Select the top option and paste in the url that you copied in step 7. The url should end with /{the url name of your search site}/advanced.aspx.



  12. Click OK.
  13. When you return to the home page of your team site, you will now see the Advanced Search link and clicking it will bring you to the Advanced Search page.

21 comments on “Add Advanced Search to a Top Level Team Site in MOSS 2007

  1. Rene Palmer says:

    That’s pretty simple. Thank you! And still I would say it’s sometimes much easier to search though MOSS sites using a standalone tool. Personally I am talking about searching for permission settings which with the new security enhancements brought to the Sharepoint security with OSS 2007 became an almost standard task. I am talking about selective management of item-level security and changing inheritance. I found the problem with braking access to items irritating. Surely, I know, the culprit here is me, but who cares when we are dealing with corporate security. I am frequently finding myself forgetting about changing security settings for the user who I set access to the particular item. It’s sometimes needed to do for that very person who basically has a limited access to the site. Usually somebody from of our project management team comes and asks me to provide some user with a full access to the specified part of our site. And then starts a problem. It either requires me to track all the security settings I assign to the user in the database, or it forces me to crawl through all the objects and pages to see which permissions I set to the user. Yes, the standard search allows getting the list of pages and the basic group and permission management functionality within the Sharepoint server finally allows me to find which settings I set the user with but. I would prefer getting a whole list with the users that have the needed permission assigned to them. Recently I learned that Scriptlogic issued a product for managing Sharepoint security settings. I haven’t tried it yet but from what I read on their site, the tool looks promising. I see, Security Explorer can search for inerited permissions what is very anticipated by me. What do you think about such external management tools? My friend said he had been using it since it had been released in beta and it works great for him. He’s a security analyst but I don’t think he can cover everything on Earth. Although he tested the tool in his company and claimed it passed his own security tests I would prefer to know if it can lead to some problems with overall management of the Sharepoint site. That’s why I also want to hear from a professional like you. Thank you in advance, Rene.

  2. natasha says:

    In the very first picture, you have global navigation setup that says…demo site, doc site, news…

    how did u configure that section because I am having a hard time doing that.

  3. Farouk says:

    I have applied this fix, but now when you do a normal search, it takes you the advanced search page, has anyone come across this? anyone know what’s going on?

  4. B Castro says:

    Is there a way to add the advanced search feature to a level below the top-level site? We have a situation where we have a top level site called “Engineering”. Underneath this site we have a few sub-sites, and each of these has sub-sites. We would like to add the Advanced Search feature to a second-level site (instead of the top-level site). I don’t see the “search settings” option except at the top-level.

  5. Natasha – The navigation that you see in the first image comes from creating a top level site based on the Collaboration Portal site template which is available under the Publishing tab in MOSS 2007. Hope this helps!

    B Castro – Aside from using the default Advanced Search interface that is part of the page template, you can also create custom advanced search pages and search results pages that can be customized for each of your sub sites. To do this you would use the publishing feature of MOSS to create custom pages based on layouts that are predefined for these types of pages and the search web parts. You can then customize each Advanced Search web part to display properties that are unique to the particular subsite. For example, you could have a completely different Advanced Search page for your Engineering site that might allow you to do searches based on Drawing ID or Region however a completely different Advanced Search page could be created for Human Resources that would search only within HR documents based on properties such as Department or Employee ID.

  6. Chris Fiore says:

    We’re using the “Advanced Search” out of the box for our company’s site. The customer has requested that we relocate the “Advanced Search” link to beneath the search box or at the very least, change the link’s text to read only “Advanced”. Is there an easy way to accomplish this while sticking with a some-what out of the box solution?


  7. Martin Frost says:

    There’s an error in Step 11 which reads:

    Select the top option and paste in the url that you copied in step 7. The url should end with /{the url name of your search site}/advanced.aspx.

    It should read:

    Select the top option and paste in the url that you copied in step 7, then deleted the trailing “/advanced.aspx”. The resulting url should end with /{the url name of your search site}.

    The search control automatically adds results.aspx and advanced.aspx as required when building the output, it just needs the path to the search center site.

  8. Jignesh says:

    After following these steps, I do see the Advanced Search link in the Search box on the top-right corner of the default page. Now the question :
    1. I added a People Search Box on one of the pages.
    2. I go to the Toolpart of the People Search Box to customize it
    3. Select the “Display Advanced Search Link” checkbox
    4. Click Apply and then OK
    5. Advanced Search link does NOT appear.

    Any idea ?


  9. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the good info.
    however, I am trying to set up a public facing site, provisioned as a Publishing site. So for: Step 3: Be sure to select the Search Center template under the Enterprise tab
    – well, I don’t get an Enterprise tab – I ONLY get a Publishing tab. If I try to create just a page, Welcome (Search page) is not listed.

    Thank you for any guidance you can give!

  10. Jeff says:

    You should check out how to edit / customize a Base Master Page or Minimal Master Page.

    Good resource for that –

    There are different ones for publishing sites versus team sites.
    MOSS 2007 Courseware – Minimal Master Page topic:

    Good luck.
    Top SharePoint blogs listed at:

  11. Keith says:

    As I did this I experienced the same problem as Farouk, applying the fix/correction suggested by Martin resolved this for me–thanks for that. However I get a problem with the normal people search on the drop down, I get a 404 error. On another site where I did not aplpy the advanced scope, I do not get the error. Any ideas.

  12. Eddie says:

    I have a similar question to Chris Fiore. I have set up Search Center but removed the Advanced Search Link by editing the web part. I have also physically deleted the Advanced Search Page from the gallery. However, on the top of the site (the top right hand corner) the Advanced Search link appears next to the Search Box and this takes the user to the Results page of the Search Center. (FYI – I have also edited the Results page to remove the Advanced Search link).

    Is there any way to remove this Advanced Search link from the top right hand corner? Please tell me I don’t have to dive into master pages or some other system file.

  13. amit says:

    hi i am having sharepoint 3.0.I want to add advance search option.I have a problem that i am not finding enterprise tab in my template option.can anyone tell me how can i find it and add to my SP?

  14. Haque says:

    Amit will go this way to find out enterprise tab.

    Step 1
    Run your portal or sharepoint site.
    Steop 2
    Right side click on Site Actions
    Step 3
    Click on Create Page
    Step 4
    Click on Sites and Workspaces
    left side Under Web pages Tab
    you will get such a enterprise Tab

    Hope you will get the answer!

  15. gaston says:

    hello!! how are you?? I have a question: I manage a site in sharepoint 2007. I need to change the filter parameters from the advanced search default. I have been searching in the internet about this but I couldn´t find an accurate response. My question is how to change the search criteria…thank you very much

    Gaston Martinez

  16. santanu says:

    I am unable to find the “Go to Top Level Setting” link.
    Where i can get that link and how

  17. kanchan says:


    Even I am nt able to find the “Go to Top Level Setting” link.
    Where i can get that link and how would I integrate my subsite to the advanced search….page as i only have access to the subsite and not to the top level site…
    plzz help….
    its pretty urgent…

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