The Beauty of SharePoint 2007

Now that Shane and I have finished our book, I am hoping to get back on track with the blog series that I started back in the Beta cycle called The Beauty of SharePoint.  Back then everything was so new for me and I was truely learning as I was going.  Now nearly 12 months later, 20+ projects and 2 book projects later, I definitely have a lot to share with the growing base of SharePoint users and admins out there. 

I am travelling to Redmond on Monday to do some work out there but will hopefully have some time to get things kickstarted while I am there.  If you have anything you would like to see covered over the next few months, drop me a line here and I will do my best to get to it. 

4 comments on “The Beauty of SharePoint 2007

  1. Randy "The Bear" Schmidt says:

    I would love to see a demonstration of how to add fly-outs to the top navigation tabs in WSS 3.0.

  2. Menno says:


    Maybe you can tell something about the following issue I have. When I save a list as a template (.stp file) in one site and I want to import it to another site. In the “list template gallery” of the other site this new imported template isn’t available when I want to create a new list?


  3. DW says:

    I’m currently building a SharePoint site that needs a blogging facility. I saw a video on Channel 9 that showed you can e-mail your blog and Sharepoint will grab not just the body of e-mail but the attachments as well and place it in the blog. I can’t find a lot of info on this. Could you possibly blog and video this functionality?

  4. zuneone says:

    Is the book available in PDF format?

    I dread the thought of needing to pick up a book and turn the pages. I just bought one of those Dell 30″ monitors and have given up on paper alltogether.

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