Designing yourself into obscurity

Just to show that I hate all technologies equally, I decided to touch briefly on an issue which in my opinion is becoming epedemic across design-land. That is the utter lack of creativity with websites.

From blogs which do nothing but point to existing content to templated platforms like community server, the lack of design is becoming more and more evident. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of community server – I sat through a BOF with Rob Howard and Sean in Boston, great bunch of guys, but I have to agree with Andrew on the lack of creativity.

This is most evident across the land of CSS, where every second site looks exactly the same. Guys, it’s “not” cool to put 1/2 the content in the footer and you don’t have to use the same color pallette.

It seems people have forgotten about design and content usability. I cannot help but wonder how big a factor RSS plays in all this? Why design when your content is 80% consumed through RSS aggregators? Where’s the business value?

One thing that I know for certain is that the more one design is based off the last the less it stands out. For those wise enough to get the message, it should be really easy for you to make your sites unique and stand out.

5 comments on “Designing yourself into obscurity

  1. Hagrin says:

    While I do agree with you, I do find it a little ironic that this post about blog design is posted on a default WordPress template. :)

  2. shane says:

    I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. The truth of the matter is I had originally had my site entirely customized using the moveable type engine but afterthe site/database was hacked and corrupt I moved over here a little while back to try wordpress and have not been able to customize it yet.

    Very good point though :)

  3. Oh the irony! Shane, if you look at the comments on my post, you’ll see that Rob Howard said there are more skins coming in the next release of Community Server. While I wish everyone looked a little different, the last thing we need is a ton of “developer-designed” sites. Hence the reason this developer looked to a designer to get skinned :)

  4. Hagrin says:

    AC –

    Have to say, I do find your site’s design very unique. Well done and resources well spent to find that designer.

  5. Jim Duncan says:

    I too looked to a designer to do the ‘look and feel’ for the Collutions site. Once they had the design finished. I did the actual build in FrontPage (since they didn’t know SharePoint customization)…

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