TechED Boston, Day 3

We hit the Boston Convention Centre at around 9am.  Amanda wanted to get set-up at the INETA booth, and I wanted to have a look around and hopefully get to talk to some people.

I managed to catch Todd Bleeker in action today as he delivered a presentation – it was a fun talk.  Afterwards I finally got to meet some of the group I’ve been wanting to meet for awhile, Todd Bleeker, Andrew Connell, Bil Simser.

I also had a chance to talk to the guys from Telerik and got some updates on their new AJAX controls, pretty neat stuff.  On top of that I stopped by to say hello at all the SharePoint exhibitor booths.  Lots of great stuff going on.

Later I took in a session by Mike Fitz (SharePoint 2007 overview), what a champ this guy is, he had a bunch of issues with his demo’s, then he got that all too familiar “dry cough that just won’t quit”.  Through it all he never missed a beat, kept the audience laughing and still managed to deliver an effective talk – good job Mike and we’ve all been there!  In fact it’s nice to know that “our” demo’s are not the only ones that can go wonky.

I’m back at the hotel now but shortly we’re about to head off to the MEGA usergroup meeting.  It’s going to be a lot of fun – I hope to see some of you out there, don’t be afraid to come by and say hello!

I’ll have more on this later and tommorow I’m going to hunt down everyone I have not yet met that’s around TechED, Bill English, Bob Mixon, Heather Solomon etc.

Few Photos(always more on my flickr site listed above)

Fitz in Action


Todd Bleeker in action

Todd Bleeker, Bil Simser, Andrew Connell oh, and me!

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