Flash Apps using C#?


“What is NeoSwiff?

NeoSwiff allows developers to write Flash™ applications in C#.

It includes:
a C# to SWF compiler supporting most of the C# language (ECMA-334 specification), a Visual Studio .NET 2003 add-in supporting Intellisense and integrated help, a .NET compatible SDK. ”

And it also includes an optimizing compiler.

“Optimizing Compiler

· Analyzes the produced SWF code, optimizes it and removes unnecessary instructions.
· Remove unused functions from the final SWF file.
· Inline small functions to avoid the cost of a function call.
· Remove functions and variables names from final SWF, which becomes naturally obfuscated and not readable by decompilers.
· Inline assembler instructions can be included to write high performance or small algorithms.”

5 comments on “Flash Apps using C#?

  1. That’s pretty neat.

  2. JackChen says:

    There also has .net component to create the swf file. Your can free download it.
    for more detail : http://www.e-iceblue.com

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Everyone :
    There also has .net component to create the swf file.

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