Last Developer Standing

Have you got mad dev skills in .NET? Think they are worth $25K? If so you will totally want to check out the new contest being launched by MSDN Canada called “Last Developer Standing”. We were introduced to the contest during the Deep Dives but they have finally launched the official site. If you live in Canada – this is an AWESOME contest!

First off – let me start by saying that even if you don’t consider yourself skilled enough to win the main prize – you should still sign up. There are lots of totally cool instant prizes and this is an excellent chance to get some solid training and good experience. Any day you can learn something new and walk away with a free Xbox or Portable Media Center equals a very good day!

Secondly – if you think you are good. Now is the time to show it. Not only could you win a prize of $25K but you could gain some excellent recognition and exposure out there as one of the best. And in this market…it pays to get noticed.

So for more details check out the site…but don’t wait too long – you only have till May 2nd to sign up!

From Site…

Every two weeks, for 16 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to strut your stuff while learning about Microsoft Visual Basic development system or Microsoft Visual C# development tool. It’s a great opportunity for you to get valuable hands-on training, education and resources.

If you answer all the questions in every module correctly or answer the highest percentage of questions right out of all contestants, you could be crowned the Last Developer Standing and receive $25,000 from Microsoft. Even if you get knocked out of the running for the grand prize, you can still receive the learning modules and have many chances to win.

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