SharePoint v3: A couple of V3/12 questions answered

This piece of a recent blog post from the SharePoint development team stood out. I have added a SharePoint v3 category to the blog and will post anything v3 related from here on under there.

It’s nice to see they have added Firefox and Safari into the test matrix.

Some Questions on SharePoint v3

Q: How will upgrade work (for SPS and WSS deployments.)?
A: [short form] You get to choose one of three ways:

“In-place” for small deployments where you take the server down, press “upgrade” and voila in a few hours (or a weekend) all the content is upgraded in place to V3/”12”.

“Gradually side-by-side” for larger deployments. We run the old stuff and the new stuff on the same web front ends, and you move batches of sites at a time, with some clever URL-magic to make it look as seamless as possible. It conserves hardware almost as well as in-place, but it’s more complicated.

“Gradually across farms” for larger or rebuilt deployments. Make a separate farm, and we’ll pump upgrade content (again, in batches) into it. You need more hardware, but it’s obviously the least disruptive to existing deployments.

Q: How will the SharePoint web parts experience relate to the ASP.NET 2.0 web part framework?
A: The new SharePoint releases (both Windows and Office) will just use the ASP.NET framework. Old web parts will still run.

Q: Will you do better with Firefox and Safari?
A: Yes, they’re in our test matrix and we’re doing a bunch of work to make the experience more consistent across these and IE. It won’t be perfect but should be significantly improved from 2003 in the public beta.

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