SharePoint Customization: SPS Area Content Web Parts

Seems there is a bug with the layout for the AREA Content Web Part in SharePoint Portal Server. If you turn on the borders the right border doesn’t display.

I just fuddled with it for a few minutes and came up w/ this quick fix. This was easy to fix thanks to the Internet Explorer Dev Toolbar a tool I must say absolutely goes hand in hand w/ SharePoint Customization now.

Add this to your custom stylesheet for SharePoint Portal Server. (I say custom because I know you are linking to your own and not editing SPS.css right?).

/* Fix for the AREA CONTENTS border */’ div { width:99%; }

As you can see after looking at the DOM I noticed a TD then a DIV so I tried reducing the divs with just a tad to see if it would display the border. Sure enough it works.

I am adding this here for the general public and myself. I have accessed my blog about 50 times while on the road searching for quick fixes.

Happy Customizing

One comment on “SharePoint Customization: SPS Area Content Web Parts

  1. Nigel says:

    Nice one, brother! Any idea on how to work out what the DWP information for this (and other) sharepoint web parts are (for adding to custom area template’s ONET.XML)????

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