10 free themes to spice up your SharePoint sites.

As mentioned before the reason I have been blogging so much about theme customization is due to the fact that I have been creating them, a lot of them. In fact here are 10 you can use to spice up your own SharePoint sites. You can use them as often as you like, share them with your friends/co-workers. Not for re-sale.

Note: Setup instructions (as well as the necessary XML) is provided in the readme.txt file inside the themepack.zip.

The Theme Pack is courtesy of Infotech Canada’s Team Tools.
Preview and Download The Team Tools Theme Pack


21 comments on “10 free themes to spice up your SharePoint sites.

  1. Martin says:

    Very nice indeed :-)

    My personal favourite has got to be “glass”… but these cater for a variety of needs – I’m slowly realising that sticking to themes as far as possible is definitely the most elegant solution when customising!

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  5. Shane Perran says:

    Glad you like ‘em :)

  6. Nice to see some independant and very well designed themes and templates coming out for SharePoint other than those 30 released by Microsoft.

    I wonder if anyone has used these Infotech themes on any public sites. I also wonder if they work both in SPS and WSS ?


  7. Shane Perran says:

    Robin, I think you may be confusing these with what Microsoft released which were templates.

    They will work on WSS and WSS Sites created in SPS.

    I’m glad you like them.

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  11. Niklas says:

    Hi and thanks, Great work!
    But I noticed one problem that needs to be fixed.
    For the theme vNext you’ve added bodybg.gif with a top margin of 73px. Looks great, but try going into a date picker somewhere in the site. You’ll notice that the bodybg.gif is added above the calendar leaving just part of the calendar visible. Got a fix for that? I tried to hide the image and that was easy but still left a big emty space..

  12. Shane Perran says:

    Thanks Nikalas,

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention I will take a look at it and get a fix up there for it.

    There is an updated themepack now that fixed two other small glitches as well.

    It’s in the same spot http://www.infotechcanada.com/teamtools (just click the free theme pack link on the left).

    I will post here as soon as I have this date-picker issue fixed.

    Thanks again!

  13. Shane Perran says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick update on this glitch. I just investigated it real quick and it’s linked to the
    _layouts/1033/iframe.htm file. which is as it would appear an iframe which is used by the rich text editor as well as the date-picker. This file brings in the theme and hence applies the background.

    The non-recommended fix that (will work) would be to remove the reference to the theme.

    If you are not overly concerned you can comment that out of your iframe.htm file for the short term while I figure out how to drill down to this file.

    Thanks again for pointing this out, with so many classes it’s inevitable for things to pop up even with thorough testing.

  14. mary says:

    I have a question is it possible to you use these themes in wss3 and how?
    are there any out of the box theme packs/master pages for sale on the market?


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