SPTECHCON 2012 in San Francisco – Thanks for Coming Out!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading down to San Francisco for the SPTECHCON conference. This was a great opportunity for me since I hadn’t spoken at this conference before and also because…well it was February and any place with a warm climate is a welcome change to the weather here in Newfoundland during February / March.

To make the trip even more worthwhile it was wonderful to see some of my old friends from the SharePoint world and meet some new ones. There really is no way to describe the value I get out of connecting face to face with other members of the SharePoint community. It is such a vibrant and exciting world to work in.

I presented two sessions while there so I figured I would share my slide decks on here even though I believe they were also hosted on the conference website.

  • SPTECHCON – Building a Records Management Practice
  • SPTECHCON – The Core Pillars of an Effective Document Management Solution (I even squeezed some pics of Gros Morne and Cape Spear in this one)
  • If you were there and I didn’t get to chat with you. Drop me a note as I always love to hear from people. Thanks to Cary J. Calderone for his kind words on his blog regarding my sessions. It always makes the long trip worthwhile when you see that people enjoyed your session like that.

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