Friends From Far Away

I missed posting yesterday due to some unfortunate news we received from a trip to the vet with our sick dog.  Didn’t really feel like doing much after that other than coming home, feeling sick and sulking.  As it turns out she has both heart and liver failure (which is even worse than the news from the last visit) and Shane and I are devastated.  Those out there that do not own and love dogs will never understand so you can just stop reading now.  But for us (especially Shane) this is the worst possible news we could have gotten.  Zhiva (our dog) has been Shane’s absolute closest companion for past 10 years and I can honestly say I have never seen anyone love their dog as much as he does.  For me, in the 9 years Shane and I have been togethe,r she has given me such unconditional love.  In the past few years, our family has faced some serious losses that have often left me sitting on a couch crying my eyes out.  Zhiva was always there to come over, let out a big sigh and put her head on my lap just to let me know she was there and she was sad because I was sad.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to return the favour by snuggling with her whenever possible.  As I write this she is lying next to me on our bed.  Wrapped in a blanket with her head on a pillow…her body positioned extremely close to me so she can feel my every moment. 

So in summary, this weekend (and the past few weeks for that matter) have been extremely difficult.  But one ray of light did shine through yesterday as I checked my email and saw an email from a friend from many years ago that found my weblog accidentially.  She is living in Korea now with her husband and small baby (very cute) and blogging about it all along the way.  Very cool.

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  1. Melissa says:

    o amanda, i’m SO heartbreakingly sorry to hear about Zhiva. i don’t own a dog – but i have in the past – and i love animals SO much. i wish i could make it all better for you, and i mean that.

    and i’m … honoured … that re-connecting with you could offer you some small bit ‘o sunshine. it certainly made me happy. :)

    i’ll be thinking you guys …

    all the way from the far, far east …

  2. amanda says:

    Thanks Melissa! It was really super to hear from you again. It’s amazing how even on the darkest of days…something so cool happen. Thanks for connecting! I look forward to keeping in touch!

  3. Ian March says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I just stumbled onto your blog by accident. Very sad to hear about your dog. I am originally from Newfoundland too and but now live in Australia. We have a Labrador who means the world to us and would be devastated should anything happened to him. We certainly understand how you feel. If you get a chance, read the book “Marley and Me”, its a beautiful book.

    All the best from Down Under,

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