Good Weekend

Shane and I had a great time last night camping.  We went to Fitzgerald’s Pond Park near Dunville, which was my first time there in about 20 years.  That park is actually about 20 minutes from where I grew up.  Good clear night and we had a perfect evening kicked back by the fire.

Today we went fishing with my family in Long Harbour (which actually IS where I grew up) and it was an awesome day.  The water could not have been more beautiful.  The fish were plentiful…well at least plentiful enough for our 2 boats to get our daily quota for the recreational fishery.  However the day wasn’t even so much about the fish as it was the good time with family and amazing experience of being on the water and taking in the beautiful sights around me. 

One of the day’s highlights was that we were joined by my nephew Arnold for his first time in a boat (other than a Ferry) on the water.  As you can see from the picture below he was pretty excited.

Of course fishing is hard work so he had to recharge a bit part ways through the morning by taking a quick nap at the front of the boat. 

But at the end of the day, he acheived every man’s goal which is to catch a cod fish that is almost as tall as him.  A note here is that he actually did catch the fish on the line.  I was holding the pole for the longest while with no action whatsoever…I called to Arnold to give me a hand and as soon as his little hands grabbed the pole…a fish was on.  Pretty impressive!

Anyhow all and all it was a great 24 hours and I feel much better equipped to handle the pile of work that stands in front of me now.

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