Xbox 360 Live Marketplace: Texas Hold’Em – Free for 2 Days

I just read on the gamerscore blog that Texas Hold’Em will be released for Xbox 360 next Wednesday and will be free for 2 whole days.  What this means I assume is that you can download the full unlocked version of the game for those 2 days.  Nice!

Because I love these promos but constantly forget about them when the time comes – I have created an Outlook alert to remind us of it.  No applause necessary – thank you!

Download Appointment Here

It would be cool if they do more stuff like this and maybe offer free downloads of content for those that have uber high gamerscores.  Like for example offer a full download of a game for several days to all members that have a 10000+ gamerscore.  Granted my pathetic score would never see any free stuff but I think it would be cool to offer extra incentives to those that have obviously gone the extra mile with gaming on the platform.

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