Things That Make You Go GRRRR

So in the past 12 months or so I have really been trying to take to the concept of television more since I pay $150 per month to a cable company but have traditionally not watched TV. The problem with TV has always been that I prefer to set my schedule rather than have someone else do it for me. That is unless they are paying me generously in which case…you say…I do.

Of course PVRs (or in my case my Media Center PC) opened up a whole new set of doors with respect to this concept of television as it became very easy for me to say “record this series” leaving me free to come back at a time convenient for me and watch whatever shows had accumulated.

Now I have an interesting new problem. Apparently television shows no longer come on weekly. Instead new episodes sneak in every 2-3 weeks and an entire series can disappear for weeks on end and no one really knows why. For example, I have recently taken a liking to House, Lost and Desperate Housewives. Yet when I checked my recorded shows after being on the road for a couple of weeks, I either find reruns (even though technically we are in a new season for all of these) or nothing at all.

Is it the TV networks way of getting back at us for not following their schedules and evolving to a life that suits us better?

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  1. In Finland all this means is that there have been Olympic Games (Winter or Summer); Football (soccer) World and European Cups; and of course the all important ice hockey matches (which include the Finnish leagues play-off rounds)

    All of these things play havoc with schedules.

    Mind you I discovered that Italian TV has its own laws. I get it by cable and have no idea what is coming so have to continually check what is there. I found something on a Sunday evening that I could watch so I tuned in the next Sunday to watch the next episode and there were new characters who were just there with no explanation (and other oddities).

    It took me several weeks to work out that Italian TV (the main public channel 1) broadcasts the episodes of it’s series often two days on the run. So in fact this particular series was running *every week* on both Sunday and Monday (different episodes) at roughly the same time (roughly because it came after a quiz show that always ran over).

    Not only that every “episode” was in fact two different episodes. So I’d been watching one episode on Sunday; turning off the recording (it was late at night) as soon as the end-titles came up and was thus missing 3 episodes (1 on Sunday; 2 on Monday) out of 4 ! and I’d done this for a few weeks too ..

  2. Sean says:

    My personal theory for this is to stretch a season out over the three ‘sweeps’ periods without having to hurt their brains thinking up episodes in between. FYI, the three major sweeps months are November, February and May. You’ll notice that’s when major life events for characters take place. You’ll also see your local news stations come out with all their shocking expose’s at these times

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