My Very Own Wizard Card

Besides being one of the greatest buddies a gal could ever ask for, my niece Samantha is quite the little Photoshop wiz. I look forward to her works of art ranging from cartoon characters or animated stickmen because they are always so funny and incredibly creative. But today was special….today I got my very own Wizard Card.

I can’t really remember what I was doing when I was 13 but I am pretty sure it was nothing like that.

One comment on “My Very Own Wizard Card

  1. sam says:

    Heyy! lol I’m just looking through your blog thingy now and i was in the mood to put a comment somewhere lol. im in school now :) yep i dont get all that share point stuff :( its all confusing. im gunna learn it one day tho! another goal for my list of goals:) well i dont know if this is gonna be published right away. i hope not i was just in the mood to give u a little message. lol i have no internet :( but thats ok i still have my music :) ohh and u gotta look at my website:) yeah my password is the 6 numbers of my birthdate lol. yep yep well toodles xox

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