Xbox 360 Games: The Godfather

Later this year, the Xbox 360 game I have possibly been looking forward to the most will be launched. The Godfather from EA Sports, will allow a player to take the story and experience beyond where the books / movies left off which is a critical component to how I see video games complementing and extending the entertainment experience of movies. This is possible only through the intense labour and persistence of game developers to create the perfect atmosphere and environments in the games that suck you into the story.

TeamXbox has an interesting interview with a designer that takes us through the Brooklyn neighbourhood and it’s relevance to the game. A nice teaser for what is to come….

2 comments on “Xbox 360 Games: The Godfather

  1. I could’nt agree with you more The Godfather will suck anyone in. I like how more and more games are focusing on sucking you in. It can only get better when some one raises the bar!!

  2. 360 says:

    yeh i cant wait for the godfather
    sadly us uk owner will have to wait a little longer

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