Congrats Dad

Today after 37.5 years, my dad has reached the wonderful milestone of retirement. I am so proud of him and happy yet I feel sad that I am so far away from him that I can’t even give him the same hug of support and respect that he has given me so many times throughout my life.

Whether playing catch with me as a child, helping me prepare my first public speech competition (which I won RAHHH) , coming to my high school basketball games, teaching me that I could accomplish anything I wanted – no matter what anything else dictated, holding my hand during times of uncertainty or calling me on my 29th birthday when I figured it was physically impossible for him to establish a connection from somewhere out in the Atlantic…my dad has been and always will be my hero.

Congrats dad! Happy Retirement.

2 comments on “Congrats Dad

  1. MacArthur says:

    W O W!

    I just gotta meet that guy :)

    Retirement is G R E A T !



  2. Mary says:

    You have much company in your admiration of him, however, some of us are not quite so eloquent as you!

    He is truly “A man among men!”

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