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I usually try to encourage companies that are interested in branding their portals or team sites to develop custom themes for their SharePoint environments instead of A) using FrontPage to manipulate visual design elements by changing table or page background colours or B) changing the default css files associated with the portal. Several months ago, we released a single theme for people to download for free. It turned out to be a hit for a lot of people so we decided to make even more available.

The default look and feel of SharePoint can be a little…how can we say this…boring. Plus many of the themes available out of the box are well…not very nice. So our team put together 10 unique, fun and colorful themes to help brighten up your SharePoint sites.

The great thing about these themes is that you can use them as they are now, or you may decide to customize them a little further by doing things such as adding your company logo to them. For more information on how you can add your company logo to a theme, visit Shane’s blog.

Hopefully having 10 (actually 11) free samples available now will be the kickstart everybody needs to start heading in the right direction with respect to WSS customization.

Download and Preview the Team Tools Theme Pack Here.


The Theme Pack is made available courtesy of Infotech Canada’s Team Tools

10 comments on “Free SharePoint Theme Pack – Download Now

  1. Bil Simser says:

    Great stuff Amanda! Some nice variations there that offer up some spice for new sites. Thanks!

  2. Doug Heaven says:

    I’m running in circles. Clicking on says “click the download link above to get the theme pack” which sends me to which has a navigation bar item saying “Free Theme Pack” which I click to come to

    What gives?

  3. Hey Doug,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems.

    When you are on this page:

    Click the “Download Now” link on the black background in the upper left part of screen. That will trigger the download for you.

    Let me know if you have any additional problems.


  4. Shane Perran says:

    It’s the download now button in the header. The Click Here is for “Other Team Tools” solutions.

    Sorry about that, maybe I should make it a little more clear.

  5. Shane Perran says:

    I have made this a little easier to use, hopefully there will be no more issues.

    You can download the themepack at:

  6. This is not for Windows SharepointServices 3.0 (Sharepoint 2007) but the previous version of Sharepoint Services.

  7. Luis Moran says:

    I followed every step in the installation instructions (copy images, copy folders, change spthemes.xml) but when i go to site settings -> site theme i only have the default themes. How can i make the theme pack visible?

  8. adam says:

    erm is the link broken? i could do with these themes so much

    anyone else has them?

    thank you

  9. The theme pack is for wss 2.0 NOT 2007 –
    Is there a pack available for MOSS or WSS 3.0?

  10. Adil says:

    great!!.. now its a giving ASP.NET stack trace…..had anyone uploaded these stuffs on any share like rapidshare or megaupload or stuff??

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