Xbox 360 vs PS3 – Technical Comparison

It was only a matter of time before we started to see how the two systems stack up against each other. Major Nelson has a comparison on his weblog of the 2 systems in a 4 Part series.

Read it here.

Also see his weblog for some other great E3 coverage including blogcasts & photos.

Note that you can also see a comparsion done by IGN on their site.

29 comments on “Xbox 360 vs PS3 – Technical Comparison

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  3. Smac says:

    Hey Here is a site similar to the free ipods site mentioned on kevin rose’s site. Its legit and you receive you xbox 360 upon release with multiple packages. I’m in. I’ll let yall know how it goes. If you want to try it yourself here is the link.

  4. Kenny Kiloz says:

    Hey when will xbox 360 drop??????

    Kenny Kiloz

  5. Hey Kenny – the Xbox 360 will be hitting the market in November of this year. Just in time for Christmas. :)

  6. marvin says:

    u know wat? i think ps3 is good beacause it has a 3.2 cell procesor but xbox2 has ddr3 on its procesor is can handle as much as 80 billion cars exploding in graphics so i think xbox2 knocks ps3 out by alot

  7. david nelson says:

    PS3 and XBOX 360 are two great machines. I’ve personally played PS3 and i think it’s ten times better than PS2, but I’ve also personally played the XBOX 360 and that’s ten times better than PS3. But I think XBOX doesn’t have very much going for them, because the only games that are doing any good is Halo and Halo 2. XBOX will be shortly destroyed if they don’t get games that sell good, and Play Station will take over as they already have done to Nintendo systems. As everyone can see Nintendo isn’t doing so good. Play Station will be the leader in game systems very soon if XBOX doesn’t change something.

  8. matt says:

    Xbox 360 will kick ps3 Ass because its coming a year before ps3 plus it will be $360 and ps3 will be $600 plus you have to buy a hard drive that’s a 100 bucks and the ps3 has less processing speed Xbox. Xbox has 3 times the processing speed and it will be able to be 10 times more compatible to the internet that means you will be able to download games, movie trailers, movies, game trailers and you can even win a million Bucks in project Gotham 3 in Xbox live. Also Xbox live silver will be free but gold will be $50. I am not getting ps3 because my ps2 fell a part and all my controllers about 20 broke. And my first ps2 died because. I had so many games I had to buy another one. Don’t be fool by ps3 it is a peace of shit. Fu@# Sony!!!! Another thing Microsoft has halo, halo 2 and there making halo 3. Halo is amazing!!!

  9. Matt says:

    Microsoft is and always will be a piece of shit. Halo 1 is the only good halo game…the second one just seems to be a rendition of the first one. (meaning the same for u retarded microsoft people

  10. jaspal says:

    Xbox is 100,000,000,000 times better than ps3.ps3 is toatly rubbish even game cube is better than ps2.Every one likes ps2 because it has good games now xbox are getting good games such as wrestilmania 21 halo2 halo3 and much more.

    xbox has a hard dic xbox live halo 2

    PS2 is the WORST concel EVER

  11. Chris says:

    Playstation’s reign as console king is over. PS3 might have a little better hardware to play movies, but that doesn’t apply to games. the 1080p that ps3 brags about is for movies, not games. All the clips they have like killzone are fake;pre-rendered. And they don’t even have a service like xbox live. In short go get your 360 when it comes out, and don’t waste your money on Japanese junk[except the cars]. I’m sticking with the richest man in the world!!

  12. gamemster says:

    everybody’s saying sony have won the console war, well they haven’t because none of the frickin consoles have come out, both are going to be powerful consoles, both going to give each other Competition, so until then every body shut the hell up and wait until the damn consoles come out than have your say.

  13. DaRealess says:

    Whats happening yall. NEWS JUST IN> Sony and Toshiba could not agree on the BlueTooth thing and said they will be sticking with HDDVD instead of BlueTooth. See what i mean. Sony was just promising shit and didnt even have anything thought out. they were just trying to beat out Microsoft in presenting at E3 when they know they aint got shit. Lets see what else falls apart for sony.

  14. Brian says:

    MS actually does have tons of good games. FOrza is alot better than gran turismo, KOTOR I and II. Jade empire, fable, doom 3, half life 2, PGR, DOA 3, Ninja Gaiden, GTA comes to xbox too. Not to mention the line up on the 360. Gears of WAr is amazing and ign (which is totally PS bias) says that this game will be the new killer app for this generation. PLus, PGR 3, quake 4, HALO 3!!!, plus sequels to every game i listed above. PDZ willbe sick. 64 player games!!! FF is also coming to 360. looks like the only decent first party game left for sony is MGS.

  15. nerd_hatter says:

    ok u nerds that want ur comment to be seen at 3:48am becuz u obviousley have no life and will never get a gf, i sujjest to get out more………………………. and xbox sucks….so does nintendo revolution but ps3 is going to be the best thing ever only sony can think of great stuff like psp, and then theres the portable nintendo it is probably the gayest thing ever

    ps. what kind of name is 360….did it go from shit to horrible, even revolution is a better name than that.

    pss. u ppl r nerds and xbox can go blow up and take the nintendo with it so that sony can create better things

    psss. did i say u ppl r nerds

  16. Adrian says:

    People, please stop talking about this stuff. It is all speculation, rumors, lies, and bullshit. I see every side has a point. The Xbox-360 will be a good console. The PS3 will be a good console. It suffers from many problems, such as the supposed $500 price tag (OW). Also, the consoles are designed for different lifetimes. Xbox 360 for 5 years, PS3 is for 10 years.

    I don’t have a PS2 or plan to buy a PS3 because Sony has extremely dishonest and wierd advertising campaighns for systems.

    How can Japanese people make incredibly high tech stuff, and then create the phrase “Super Wow”, every time I hear that damn phase I feel like just rolling over and dying!

  17. xboxster says:

    ps3 controllers are gay. wbow is more durable has more memory u can also change faceplates and brian is a dumbass playstation cant even come out with name it just 1 2 3. and u do need to shut up u havent even played them yet. u dont no wut they r like.

  18. mike says:

    the xbox360 is not as good as the ps3 because the ps3 is 2x more powerful and it has the powerful cell processer. If you have a psp you can send movies to your ps3 and get pictures sony have worked for 4 years to get their console right and I think that they have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Pat says:

    Xbox 360 will crush the PS3…like someone else said playstaion is shit…dont buy one…wireless controllers and 5times the memory make Xbox 360 the nex console king!!!!!!!

  20. conner says:

    xbox 360 is going to be good, psp has bad batary life and ps2’s break way to easy xbox is the best

    nintendo revolutions wil probaly be the best nintendo system made too bad all their game suck and will be way beneath xbox 360 and ps3

  21. Pat says:

    Xbox 360 will crush the PS3…like someone else said playstaion is shit…dont buy one…wireless controllers and 5 times the memory make Xbox 360 the nex console king!!!!!!!

  22. Brian (a dif. one) says:

    The PS3 is not, i repeat, not two times more powerful than 360. If you measure terraflops as total performance you are a complete idiot and have no credibility. this site, tho biased, gives real numbers and facts. Plus with tons of games support this gen like FF and GTA plus Forza rivaling GT i think 360 will come out on top of PS3.

  23. dog_toffe says:

    with sony putting the ps3 out at $500 or $600, no one will want to pay this and sony know this
    so they will do exactly what they did with the ps2, and start trimming down whats inside the machine intill its no where near as powerfull as stated at E3. Remember microsoft is the only one to actually loose money on each console at launch and stay true to their word, xbox 360 will kill ps3

  24. XBOXcounquer says:

    The next xbox will blow the new playstation out of the water Bill Gates is one of the smartest guys in the world right now so who would u rather trust sony or microsoft not only will there be awsome new games but also great sequels and ive seen the graphics and theyre incredible!!Sure the next playstation has HD DVD but if ur ganna pay 500 to six hundred dollars to watch a good HD movie then i dont think that that was a good decision at all.And custimization on it is awsome with the face plates sony only has the colors but u spen 500dollars for jus one color and the new xbox u can spen a few bucks for a whole diffrent theme!!conclusion:the next xbox will conquer the nex playstation!!

  25. christopher says:

    Well xbox 360 is better than ps3 for the following reasons first of all microsoft and bungie secret weapon angainst ps3 is HALO 3 because xbox has HALO 2 and plus its has a huge amount of people on xbox live and the graphics are better also if anyone gets an XBOX 360 they will problably be wating for HALO 3 like me and a few friends of minie.

  26. XBOX360 VS PS3 FAX says:

    Ok for a start xbox 360 has 1 becuase they have the best graphices o and the GB/s bandwith is 256 o and what is the carp ps3’s hmm its 24.5 wowow thats sooo shitt thats like playing on windows 98 and the at the playstation 3 concel its so sick looking when i first saw iti was in stiches becuase it looks soooo rubbish that where is beloges in the rubbish bin omg you really trust them jap’s they dunno what the hell to be at the talk balles i would give ps3 1/10 becuase it looks funny i give xbox 360 10/10 becuase it easly the best no copatishion

  27. WellWell says:

    I see there is a lot of opinions here.

    Lets just say beleive in what you can see and feel. If you like the word faith, then buy a PS3.

    Nothing that Sony has shown you so far is real. I like the one about the PSP. Yes it is great hardware but the wrong crowd.

    I happen to work for the grren machine and I am impressed. I may be biosed but I use to do video game sales for 10 years. I have seen everything come and go. The 360 is here to stay.

    Yes Sony has worked for 4 years to get it right, but they have not gotten it right as of yet. The chip was just finished no more than 6 months ago with speculation that they may not be able to use it. As for cost, well each Blu-Ray drive will cost Sony $100. That in turn will be passed along to you.

    Stick with what you can see and feel now. I would bet that all of you die hard PS fans will be impressed.

    One more note. MS makes opperating systems. This is what they have done for ever. This in turn will make it easier for the programers to write games for the 360. Sony and Nintendo will use their own propritary software. This means that 80% of the programers time will be spent working out the plumbing of the PS3 and Revolution just to get the game to work. That is why you get a lot of crappy games.

    Remember, it is not about the hardware this time around. It is about the game and the experience of the game.


  28. Dylan Lucier says:

    If your looking to see the specs for the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360…well here they are.

    Now instead of just saying that the XBOX is better because it comes out sooner please look at the specs head-to-head and then decide which one is better. I personally think its the Playstation 3 but the two systems themselves are incredible and its hard to tell. I went with the PS3 simply because of their “Cell processer” which was developed by THREE MAJOR COMPANIES (Sony, Toshiba, and IBM.)

    As for the price the XBOX does have a more reasonable price but thats not Sony’s fault. The only reason that the PS3 costs so much ($450 maximum) is because it is the real deal.

    Oh and one more thing. If your looking to buy a system to play with friends then the PS3 is for you. It can hold up to 7 yeah thats right 7! Bluetooth wireless controllers so you and your friends can duke it out.

    XBOX 360 vs. Playstation 3

    Reason: Cell (microprocessor) has the XBOX 360’s Custom IBM PowerPC CPU beat by a long shot.

    Sorry to say folks, but XBOX 360 and the Nintendo Revolution don’t stand a chance. Sony has done it.


  29. Knuckles MetalMind says:

    It´s funny how people believe in things that are just fake.

    PS3 won´t have 7 players simultaneously. The idea itself is plain stupid. Playing 4 people in the same room is hard in lots of games. How in the hell are you supposed to play 7 in the same screen? It´s just one of the huge amount of lies about PS3. Oh, and if I want multiplayer games I wouldn´t use a Sony console. I would use a Xbox for online gaming and a Nintendo one for multiplayer ones.

    PS3 won´t cost $450 maximun (lol). $500 minimun :P Oh, and if you want backwards compatibility, you should pay $600. The $500 one cannot use your memory cards from PS2 :P In fact, I will buy a Wii and a Xbox360 with the money of a PS3.

    Games announced for PS3 aren´t too amazing either. I thought I would hate Wii for his stupid controller and Nintendo doing a powerless console, but the games actually seems amazing. I won´t buy a PS3 just for Metal Gear, Final Fantasy… There should be more games. Something hard when you have a powerful but hard to program console. Just wait and see.

    I don´t think Xbox360 will lead this generation, but I think PS3 won´t do it either. Maybe for the first time in a long time, it could be just a tie. That could be a win-win position for players.

    PD: Sorry for commenting in such an old entry ^^U And sorry about my english :P I´m spanish.

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