Thanks Julie!

Wow! Last week I had the strange experience of blushing while reading a post on one of my fave blogs. Julie Lerman said that I was her nomination for a Team99 candidate. Team99 is an initiative being set up by Robert’s team for Longhorn. Again let me say WOW. Coming from someone as active in the community as Julie is – I was extremely touched.

So this is the point where I am supposed to act cool and say something to the effect of “Pfft as if I’d agree to do something like that” or perhaps “I MIGHT consider doing it against my own will…but only because I want to prove yadda yadda”. Yep I suppose that would be the cool way to respond…

Well this is where the real me comes out. Frankly I have no problem admitting that I would absolutely love to be selected for such a group. Why? Well there are 100 reasons but they all essentially come back to the fact that I have passion for the technology. I choose to evangelize Microsoft products because I believe in them. But the fact that I am passionate also means that I want more and I won’t ever settle for status quo.

I want better features and improved usability in all the tools I use. I want to eliminate ineffective processes and the duplication of efforts throughout organizations. I want people to focus on what they are good at doing and simply use the tools in a manner that is as natural as breathing. Believe me I have a list of SharePoint features I want to see in the next versions a mile long. Same with Windows…same with Xbox (not far now woot) and so on.

Having passion for a particular technology does not mean that you are blind to ways it needs to improve. It just means that you share the vision. You can see what the potential really is and you are happy to help others see it as well.

Just call me a Natural Born Evangelist. :)

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    Congrats Amanda !

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