Buried in Snow…Again!

I can’t believe it’s March and we still had to shovel our driveway for an hour and a half after we got home from work just to fit our tiny little car in.

I really can’t stand to look at this white stuff anymore…anyone doing SharePoint in Hawaii? Tahiti? Heck anywhere where it doesn’t snow 6 months a year?

Oh well hopefully only two more months left :(

2 comments on “Buried in Snow…Again!

  1. Renaud COMTE says:

    As a real Ski & SharePoint Fan, i prefer a 11 month Snow land :)

    Is there some SPS in ALASKA :D ?

  2. -B@rney says:

    Me and the family live in Norway, but we’re just back from 7 weeks on Rarotonga, the Cook Islands. The first 5 weeks were great. I didn’t think about work and we were swimming and enjoying the heat.

    So, OK, we didn’t have any snow, but we did get hit by 3 tropical cyclones that ripped houses apart and created 45 feet waves. For a while it looked like the third one was going to hit the island straight on, and if it had done that I’m not sure we’d be back in Norway with all the white stuff now…
    The blog is in norwegian, but some of the pictures shows what the place looked like after cyclone Meena, the first one.

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