50 Player Games on Xbox Live

Now this is gonna be intense…

NovaLogic confirmed today that the forthcoming title Delta Force – Black Hawk Down, for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, will feature mammoth 50 Player battles over Xbox Live!

This is the first time any Xbox title has demonstrated a multiplayer experience of up to 50 players on Xbox Live, with the current standard being 16 players. Based on the award winning, number 1 best selling PC franchise, DF – BHD has been redeveloped for the console specifically to take advantage of Xbox Live.

Xbox Live features for Delta Force – Black Hawk Down on Xbox include team support, stats, voice chat, messaging, matchmaking and more. In addition to the record breaking 50 player games online, DF – BHD also supports 8 multiplayer game types over a variety of different multiplayer environments, as well as 4 player split screen co-op and Xbox communicator headset support.

Wow now I can get my butt kicked by 49 other players in a rumble pit type match. Woo hoo. Should be a great game though. I love my fighting games!

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  1. Mathew Bridle says:

    looking forward to this one as I won’t get shot so often… I hope.

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