SharePoint Customization and Web Sites

Was just chatting with Tariq for a moment and I gave him a few links of the recent web sites our team has launched that run on SharePoint. He mentioned that I should list them here since people are often wondering how far you can take customization with SharePoint…

So for anyone that might be wondering – here are a couple of the links that I know I can share with you.

First off our company’s website is done via SharePoint ( – not much sense preaching the goodness of SharePoint unless you are willing to use it yourself.

As well Shane has recently completed and (our .NET User Group). He is also working on the site for the Virtual SharePoint User Group which I will be posting about a little later.

We have done others but I wouldn’t post them unless I had permission from the site owners. Of course that is just one small element of what our team has been working on. Keep watching for more details on some web parts / components we are about to release as well as our soon to be launched SharePoint hosting service.

FYI if you are interested in being involved in any beta testing for some of our SharePoint components or the hosting service – drop me an email with some information on your background and experience with SharePoint. Cheers!

Update: Matthew Cosier is looking for samples of customization as well so if you have done anything cool feel free to comment here or on his weblog.

2 comments on “SharePoint Customization and Web Sites

  1. David says:

    I really like the layout of I assume this is done in SPS, not WSS?

  2. Hi David – actually no this site was done in WSS. Hopefully I can post some SPS customization examples down the road…

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