Godfather Preview

Team Xbox has a great intro and write up of the Godfather which will be released on Xbox later this year.

“Just as The Godfather films have raised the bar of cinematic achievement, EA’s goal is to create a new standard of gameplay and storytelling that goes beyond that of a game like GTA, by designing a world where the players serve as the directors of their own fully interactive extension of The Godfather saga. In order to pull this off, EA knows they have to set their sights much higher than the norm, and to do so they have secured not only the licensing rights to the film, its music and scenes, but they have also signed over 20 characters from the movie who will be lending their voices and likenesses to the game.”

The Godfather on Xbox

This is a very exciting move by EA and it further demonstrates the evolution of video games within the entertainment industry. For years we have wondered when movies were going to offer a more interactive experience – now we are beginning to see how that will be possible. Video games allow us to assume a lead role in a story.

And this is only the beginning…

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