Thanks Slouch!

A very special thanks to our buddy Jamie for coming over to our place last night to finish off our Small Business Server Install / Config. Works great! So nice to be able to do Sharepoint testing and research directly over our LAN rather than through VPN. Plus it’s just really really cool.

2 comments on “Thanks Slouch!

  1. lauraj says:

    as you can probalby guess, i’m very very jealous :) lucky you!

  2. It’s great. For a couple of reasons:

    1) We are better able to work on developing custom Sharepoint components, templates and work flow scenarios by having a local instance of Sharepoint working on our network


    2) Our company is focusing more on Small Business Server as a solution for some of our smaller clients…what better a way to understand it’s true power than by using it yourself for a while. Having access to things like Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, and the remote access tools on a single server is DA BOMB!! Hmm maybe I will put that on our promotional material. Maybe not :-P

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