Colour Me Sooky

Just finished typing up a long post that I considered both insightful and brilliant. Well not really but it was pretty damn decent. Then the power goes. Only for 10 seconds but just enough for me to lose my post. So I am dedicating this entry to the post that never was. Maybe if I feel like it I will try again later but for now I must go drown my frustrations and BBQ with my man. At least if the power goes again, we can still eat.

Yup that’s right, its -8 outside and we are grilling baby!! See I feel better already.

2 comments on “Colour Me Sooky

  1. KC Lemson says:

    When I read your second to last sentence, I immediately thought of this picture:

    Now *that* is grilling baby! Ok – broiling, but you get the point.

  2. Ha! OK that is SOOOO not what I meant. Funny pic though (assuming the grill isn’t actually hot) :-)

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