Shane and I ordered

Shane and I ordered an iPod this week. Figured it’s time to put our Nomad Jukebox to pasture and get something a little smaller that had better driver support. Ah heck we did it because they are just plain cooler. We purchased the 20gb since the price point on that one was the sweetest and it came with a few extra accessories.

I purchased the jukebox about 3 years ago I guess. I know I had it when I was still in University because I remember it being great for getting me through some long and boring bus rides. However I always found it a pain to get a good version of the drivers and software without having a tonne of other junk installed on my pc. Plus the adapter for the car stereo is pretty bulky for the long road trips.

So now we need to get an iTrip adapter. The only problem is that I can’t find either one on the Canadian site. I notice they have them on the American site and link to so I guess we may as well get it directly from there.

Not as though it really matters where we order it from anyhow since our iPod is coming from China through the US. Yup that’s right China! Not that I really care but it struck me strange when I went to check the tracking number and it said that it was leaving “Shanghai CN”. When we ordered stuff from Apple before it usually came from a warehouse in the States somewhere so I was expected to see TN or CA on the tracking slip.

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