SharePoint Conference 09 – My Sessions

On Wednesday, October 21st at 10:30am in Lagoon H, I will be presenting a session with Jonathan Wynn from Del Monte Foods called Building A Great Intranet: Proven Principles & Best Practices.  This is a topic that I am pretty passionate about so I was thrilled when asked by Microsoft a few weeks back to present it.  My co-presenter, Jonathan, has a great wealth of knowledge and provides a very interesting real world element to the entire presentation.  I am definitely looking forward to this.

Official Description

This session will explore the principles and best practices for making any intranet a great intranet. Join us to learn what matters most to end users and decision makers (you will be surprised) and walk away with practical, simple ways you can increase user participation and drive satisfaction across any organization. Topics discussed will include requirement gathering, design and custom configuration, release, versioning, and ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Amanda’s Translation

Come join us for a jam packed session that will walk through the key things you need to know in order to build your Corporate Intranet on SharePoint effectively and in a way that will result in it being accepted by your users and your business.  This session covers a lot of what to do and what not to do so there won’t be much time for checking your watch or catching up on email. 

DEMO ALERT: Oh and we will even show you a cool demo of an Intranet on a certain upcoming release of a technology that I am not allowed to talk about yet.

Also on Thursday, October 22 at 9am, I will be joining some other UG peeps in Lagoon J for a panel discussion on running a successful SharePoint User Group.  Should be a great session and I am sure I will learn some great tips from my fellow panelists.

Otherwise you can expect to see me hanging about the conference and the various events for the remainder of the week.  Like many of you I am pretty stoked about some of the amazing content that is going to be presented and thrilled that we are finally going to be able to talk more about 2010.