SharePoint Best Practices Conference – San Diego Feb 2-4, 2009

I will be speaking in a few weeks at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego.  I wasn’t able to attend the last one in Washington DC due to schedule conflicts so I am looking forward to being part of this one.  It promises to be a great event featuring some really top notch presenters and some great virtual friends of mine.

What is it?
This conference goes beyond the how-to’s of SharePoint and delves into real world issues facing successful SharePoint implementations. Learn how to:

  • Make consistent, confident decisions at every level, across your enterprise.
  • Break the cycle of avoidance, disagreement and ignorance that leads to subpar results.
  • Eliminate design, deployment, organizational and administrative confusion.
  • Apply effective SharePoint decision-making in any situation and in turn enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and efficiency – while significantly lowering cost.
  • Replace disorder with clarity, direction and confidence.

Who should attend?
The conference sessions are divided into 6 tracks in order to accommodate topics for SharePoint professionals at every level:

  • IT Pro
  • Developers and Designers
  • Information Worker
  • Information Architect/Taxonomist
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Information Officer

My first session on Tuesday morning focuses on identifying the optimal method for collecting information from users based on your specific requirements.  I find this can often be any area where those starting out at designing solutions might take a wrong turn and select the wrong product / method to suit their situation.  Then I will be presenting again on Wednesday on a session geared around best practices for document management. 

If you are attending, please drop me a line or a comment.  It would be great to see you there!  I also plan on having a few extra copies of our book to hand out while we are there since a lot of what I will cover has already been covered in there.