Tech Ed 2008 – I Was There

Well last week I had the pleasure of attending Microsoft Tech Ed in Orlando for the IT Pro week.  It was my fourth Tech Ed in a row and I have to say the splitting of the Developer and IT weeks definitely put a different flavour on it.  I tended to miss my little developer friends and for the most part the event seemed a little quieter than I remember from previous years.

I spent the first 2 days of the conference hanging out in the Office / SharePoint TLC area and I met some really great people.  It absolutely blew my mind how many people I was talking to that were just getting into SharePoint in their orgs and are loving the tool.  It was a great opportunity to chat, share stories and answer some good questions with peers.  Most of all it was just great to meet some new people and of course see some familiar faces.  

I must admit I was also very happily surprised at the number of people that mentioned they have our book and are really enjoying it.  While I know that sort of thing isn’t supposed to matter to a “real” author, it always makes me feel good that people are finding it helpful and that those 8 months of writing our hearts out day and night were worth it. 

Unfortunately however I couldn’t spend as much time with my fellow SharePoint community friends as I had planned or would have liked.  I spent the first part of the week trying to catch up on work in the evenings and early mornings before the conference and then my week was cut short due to an unfortunate family tragedy that had me hanging low in my hotel room for a while and then out on the first possible flight home.  Sometimes there really is no better place than home and so while my trip was shorter than I had planned, it was definitely for the best.

So if I didn’t see you, hopefully we will catch up at the next big event.  In the meantime, I see that my fellow SharePoint Nation comrades did a great job at tearing up the town.  A major hat off (cowboy hat that is) to Eric Shupps for winning Speaker Idol during the Dev week.  Way to do us proud Eric.  I had planned on participating in Week 2 but ended up giving up my spot.  Maybe next year or else i will just wait till the Canadian version comes around.  :-)