MOSS 2007 Records Management DoD 5015.2 Add-On Pack

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced the availability of their resource kit for the DoD 5015.2 Add On Pack for MOSS.  This add-on pack essentially is a set of features that gets added to the base Records Management features of MOSS for organizations that must run in a 5015.2 compliant state. 

While the functionality is broken into a set of features, I should note that these features are very interdependant so it’s not like you can turn on 1 and not the others to selectively choose what functionality you want to take advantage of.  However recognizing the desire that many would have for such an option, the Records Management team did note on their blog that they would be releasing code samples in the coming weeks that should allow developers to identify how they can accomplish certain individual portions of functionality.  You can view the announcement article here.

I personally have been diving deep in the area of Records Management over the past 3-4 months as it seems to be an area many of our customers that have previously deployed MOSS as an Intranet or Collaborative environment are now interested in.  It makes a lot of sense that organizations would eventually question investments into separate systems for producing, managing and sharing their content.  Providing a single environment and interface for the management and sharing of content throughout its entire lifecycle is a definite win / win for everyone in the organization.  I hope to post some helpful articles and posts over the next month or so in this area as it may be the easiest way for me to finally get back on the blogging train with something useful.

If you have any specific suggestions of posts you would like to see, then leave me a comment here and I will do my best to get to it.

Breaking the Silence

As MOSS adoption increases, so does my workload!  Wow, it has been a face paced year thus far and there are no signs of slowing up.  When I looked around the “SharePoint Landscape” a few years ago I noticed a lack of documented experiences in the customization space and thus this blog was born.  As I look out now however, I see coutless incredibly useful resources.

This got me to thinking, what’s next, how do you look out at todays landscape and get reinspired? After some thought, and brainstorming, I think I have the answer.  Of course if I were to tell you now that would ruin the surprise so I guess you will just have to wait and see what’s in store.  Fear not though, I will be working on a new model and way of delivering similar content.

PS: I have not forgotten about any of the “What do you want to see” replies from a previous post.  I will respond to any I can do justice to in the new format.