A New Year…A Better Focus

Wow 2007 went by like a blur.  I look back on the year and see some interesting choices and developments.  Shane and I finally released our first book together.  That was an awesome experience and I am so glad I chose to work with WROX on it as they have proven to be a great team to work with.  I received a major promotion within my job that saw me shift from leading a team to focusing on the operations of the entire company.  I became President of INETA North America which threw me deeper into the fire of running a large community effort that reaches out to and impacts over 200,000 developers and professionals.  Along the way there were certifications received, big events attended and presented at, exciting new contracts won and approximately 30-35% growth in the size of our company.

Overall it was a great year but it had its challenges.  Particularly in the work / life balance side of things.  Shane (my fiance, co-worker, housemate and pretty much complete partner of any thing important) had a similarly challenging and productive year.  As a result, we both decided to put off things such as home renovations, healthy living as well as planning our wedding and as a result still haven’t really made much progress.  A phenomenum most people around us cannot understand.  Looking back on things I am beginning to question our priorities.  It seems I always manage to have a fierce dedication to getting things done on the work side of things and then continuously put things off on the personal front. 

So as I head into 2008, I am acknowledging that at my current age, I am old enough to know better and young enough to make the changes that are necessary.  This is going to likely lead to some drastic changes but hopefully the type of changes that will allow me to continue steady progress in my professional life but equally or greater progress in my personal development and goals as well. 

Wish me luck!!

A good start was given to Shane and I by a special friend, that I am hoping might represent the next best step for getting things on track.  Thanks Dana!