Along came an Operating System …

It’s important that people learn to not swing so far in one direction that it just becomes ridiculous. That’s exactly the feeling I get when listening to people talk about MACs lately.

Why is it that 80% of MAC users feel the need to incessantly prove that a MAC is just sooooooo much better than Windows? Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and place for everything – I love the Apple Brand and Style (I have an iPod, and “had” an iBook) but the next time you feel the need to convince someone that your computer and OS is just sooooo much better, please explain also:

  • Why less than 5% of Apples revenue comes from the sales of their operating system.
  • Why if their hardware and operating system is far superior that one of the most appealing and advertised facts is that the mac is now INTEL based, and you can run Windows – every single person I know that has bought a mac does just that, run Windows.
  • Why in my 10+ years of working in the IT industry I have seen “maybe” a handful of MACs in a business environment.

I’m not bashing Apple or MACS, again I think there is a time and place for everything. I just think that people need to put things in perspective. This mentality of “Our stuff is great because we say so”, really just doesn’t cut it. At some point people need to simply accept the fact that it’s simply a completely different market (Business -versus- Hobbyist) and the arguments being made simply do not apply.

Well that’s been my 2c worth to help add some balance to the world :)

Update:  Sahil Malik has done created an in depth look at some of the “Hi I’m a PC and I’m a MAC” ads.  It’s certainly worth checking out.