SharePoint Portal Server MVP

Wow what a week!  Shane and I have both been selected for MVP awards.  He received the MVP award for WSS and I got selected for SPS.  While its an individual award for each of us, there is something sweet about getting to celebrate it together.  It’s really quite an honor and I am grateful to all those that have supported us along the way.  Trust me we know who you are and are truly thankful for the opportunity!


Of course those of you who are familiar with the user group community here in Canada know its really just my desperate attempt to follow Sasha around so I can continue to work with him.  Apparently I just couldn’t let go.  =-)


Anyhow we are just getting started so don’t expect to see us slow down anytime soon.  We are specifically interested in blowing the roof off this awesome community of ours and inviting as many people to the party as possible.  Hope to see you there!

Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

Arpan Shah from the Microsoft SharePoint team has a very interesting take on web 2.0 in the enterprise.  I have to agree with most of what he says and I have for quite awhile said that I believe SharePoint is the absolute closest thing we have to a web 2.0 “platform”.

In my opinion Web 2.0 is about simplicity and empowering users to be more self sufficient by making technology borderline transparent.

What are you waiting for? – Go read Arpans Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Article!

Site Collections in MOSS Explained

I have been asked by Intranet Journal to write a series of articles on SharePoint 2007.  Yesterday they started by posting my tutorial on enabling the creation of site collections from the Sites Directory with a brief description of how things have changed over SharePoint Portal Server 2003.  This is an area which I see causes much confusion for those first approaching working with MOSS which was my original inspiration for writing the article.

You can check out the article here.

I’ve been awarded MVP for Windows SharePoint Services

I’m quite excited to announce that both Amanda and I are now MVP’s for SharePoint Products and Technologies.  She was awarded the SharePoint Portal Server MVP while I was awarded the Windows SharePoint Services MVP.

A big thanks to everyone that in any way influenced this decision and espeically to April, Sasha, Lawrence and the gang from Microsoft that put such a huge effort into ensuring this award maintains a very high-level of respect and also connecting the community with eachother, and with leads within Microsoft to make so many of these community projects a huge success.

Thanks, and congratulations to all the other new and renewed MVP’s.