INETA Leadership Summit – Tech Ed 2006

Are you excited about community?  Do you run or help manage or user group?  Are you looking to get more involved with your user group?  Maybe you are interested in starting a user group?  If so, and you are planning to be in Boston on June 11th for Tech Ed 2006 – make sure you sign up to participate in INETA’s Northeast User Group Leadership Summit.

This is a project our team has been working on for a couple of months and the registration site is now open.  Come join us for a day full of learning, collaborating and sharing about the issues that face us all as community leaders.  While this event is primarily targetted to user group leadership from the North Eastern region, all are most certainly welcome.  Especially if you are looking to dive deeper into community leadership but do not know where to start.

Also if you are interested in helping out at this event or some other activities we are organizing at Tech Ed (Birds of a Feather, Mega User Group Meeting, Booth Activities…) – make sure you let me know by either emailing me, leaving a comment here or adding a note to your leadership summit registration.  I have lots of jobs to fill so don’t be shy.  =-)

SharePoint Gone Wild

Literally! … Fishing season opened yesterday and Amanda and I took to the ‘ole fishin’ hole to try our luck. Keeping true to the inner geek, we multi-tasked the entire way as you can see from the slide deck review sheets I have printed to review my SharePoint Customization presentation, and Amanda taking in the sunset with her Tablet PC in one-hand, fishing rod in the other.

Just so there is no confusion, I caught the first fish again this year.

Things you should never see next to a lake:

Theme Customization Slide Review
Tablet PC’s
Check out the larger scale images on the Flikr Site:

Possible Downtime + RSS URL Change

You may have minor troubles with the blog over the next 24-48 hours. The reason for this is I am in the process of switching some much needed services around.

Things that are about to change on my Blog

1) My Hosting Provider (moving back to Media Temple)
2) Blog Engine (Moving to WordPress – I simply like the UI better)
3) Possibly my RSS URL to feedburner so that never again are my readers interupted.

My apologies for the disruption, but the move is a must. I will keep you posted over the next day or so while things get sorted out.

Office 2007, Blogging from Word?

Word is a great tool for writing stuff, right? Blogging is all about communicating with words (and pictures, too). So, why not use Word to write your blog posts?

Looks promising, espeically for those of you that maintain a certain level of professionalism and take the time to run your entries through things like spelling, grammar checks prior to posting.

Read all about Blogging from Word 2007 here

The Beauty of SharePoint 2007 – Opening Browser Enabled Documents

One of my first steps when installing an OS on a new system is to go in afterwards and change the settings for documents that I would prefer to have opened in the application over the browser. This is fine for someone like myself that particularly cares about such things however from an organizational or process management stand point – at times the need may exist to force this setting based on a specific document library. SharePoint 2007 allows this to be configured under the Advanced Settings for a document library.