The importance of correct spelling

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Windows SharePoint Services 2007 and Event Handlers

Thanks to Patrick Tisseghem for this one:

Free Tool: Register Event Handlers Programmatically (WSS 2007)

In WSS 2007, event handlers have been improved a lot and will allow you to extend your SharePoint environment in a lot of ways. We have synchronous before (means you can now cancel a user action) and asynchronous after events. Events are fired not only in document libraries but now also for lists – and even at various other levels (site and web level). It is also now possible to hook up multiple event handler assemblies to your list or library you work with. During my session at the SharePoint Advisor Summit in Vegas I demonstrated a small Windows application I am using to register an event handler for a list. And I also promised to make it available for download. Here is the link to it. Remember that this is demoware and meant to be something to learn from (that’s why you get the full source code) and it was created for beta 1. So if you are not into the beta program, wait a couple of weeks and then you will be able to download beta 2 and I will make sure that I have by that time tested and recompiled it for that version.

Download WSS2007 Event Handlers Tools

SharePoint Boocamp + SharePoint Experts = CSS+XHTML Compliance

As of a couple of days ago and, Dustin Millers projects are table-free, XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, and designed 100% visually using SharePoint Designer 2007.

It’s great to see people involved with SharePoint advocating web standards to any extent. It’s our best hope for a faster advance toward a CSS structure under the hood.

Making Popular Design Decisions (By Eric Meyer)

Excellent article on making popular design decisions by Mr Eric Meyer himself.

Small Exerpt:
Every time you make a layout decision – fluid vs fixed, scaled vs percentage, a few more people hate you. How do you make the right decisions and when?

You’re a Web designer, right? You fascist oppressor. What gives you the right to be so arrogant and close-minded?

Amazing, isn’t it? We’ve only just met and here I am insulting and berating you. And you don’t even know why, though you might have some idea.

Let me clear it up for you: in your last three design projects, you excluded visitors, ran roughshod over user expectations, and generally displayed a lack of understanding of the medium. This is the case no matter what design techniques you used; no matter whose books you read; no matter what you did. You thug.

What the blinking font am I talking about? I’m talking about Web design, which requires a constant balancing of pros and cons, and which does not admit to universally applicable answers. Unfortunately, this means that when you make a choice in how to style your site, you’re going to annoy somebody. Change that decision, and you’ll annoy somebody different.

Let’s take the eternal debate of fixed versus liquid … Read the entire Making Popular Design Decisions (By Eric Meyer)

What does the leader of China do when visiting the US?

Have dinner with Bill Gates at his place of course, what else!

Courtesy of CNN:

During his first stop, Hu toured the campus of software giant Microsoft Corp. and later dined at the $100 million home of its chairman, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man.

Gates said in a statement ahead of Hu’s arrival that he was encouraged by Chinese efforts to protect intellectual property.

Such efforts “will provide the foundation for continued expansion of the IT industry in China,” Gates said.

“We look forward to working with the Chinese government and partner companies in China to create new opportunities for growth.”

The Importance of Visual Communication

Visual Communication is incredibly important, especially when presenting. The majority of presenters use the “bullet point” approach thinking they are doing wonders for simplifying their message. They are right to a degree, but without a visual to backup the message, it’s left open to interpretation. The example below was used recently by Ryan at 37 signals while speaking with a group of web developers.

This bullet point for example:

  • I think we should build a house

This image shows how two people might interpret that single bullet point with no visual to back it up

SharePoint 2007, Content Management Server and Andrew Connell

I just finished watching Andrew Connell present on the upcoming Content Management Server which is embedded in SharePoint 2007. Great talk, lots of juicy information. If you didn’t make it to the web-cast I saved the presentation as a PDF.

I’m sure this will be available on-demand soon enough but in the meantime here are your options:

1) Download the PDF version of Andrew Connell’s web-cast on Content Management Server in SharePoint 2007.
2) Visit Andrew Connell’s blog and harrass him with questions (He likes it!)
3) Click refresh 34 million times and wait for the on-demand version which will soon enough turn up here

He truely does have a great amount of CMS knowledge so off you go, it’s time to learn!

Top 10 Benefits of using SharePoint Designer 2007

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
Courtesy of Microsoft

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 provides the powerful tools you need to deliver compelling and attractive SharePoint sites and quickly build workflow-enabled applications and reporting tools on the SharePoint platform, all in an IT-managed environment. Be more productive with next-generation Microsoft Web technologies.

Enjoy a new level of support for creating and customizing next-generation SharePoint Web sites and technologies.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 has deep editing support for the technologies underlying Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology, such as ASP.NET 2.0, cascading style sheets, and Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation.
Customize SharePoint sites exactly the way you want. Customize SharePoint sites exactly the way you want.

Choose the format and content of your SharePoint pages with Office SharePoint Designer 2007—the customization tool for the entire SharePoint family. You can tailor SharePoint sites to your needs and set brand requirements using the latest ASP.NET technology, established Web standards such as XHTML, and cascading style sheets.
Easily make or undo changes across entire SharePoint sites. Easily make or undo changes across entire SharePoint sites.

Make format and layout changes to entire SharePoint sites simply by editing the master page and modifying the SharePoint cascading style sheets. Undo changes to the home page using the Revert to Site Template Page command in Office SharePoint Designer 2007.
Maintain control over site customization. Maintain control over site customization.

Site administrators and IT managers can control exactly how Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is used to help ensure information workers have an IT-managed and -compliant experience. Set up Contributor Settings for each role defined in the SharePoint site, and control access to specific actions.
Create workflows to automate business processes. Create workflows to automate business processes.

Automate business processes associated with SharePoint lists and document libraries using the Workflow Designer, a powerful and easy-to-use tool that comes with Office SharePoint Designer 2007. Set up custom workflow conditions and actions, link them to your SharePoint data, and deploy them with a single click, without installing server code.
Create interactive Web pages without writing code. Create interactive Web pages without writing code.

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 has a full set of tools to help you integrate data into SharePoint pages and present that data using XSLT in SharePoint sites. You can access tools for using XSLT Data Views, List View Web Parts, Web Part connections, ASP.NET controls, and workflow.
Integrate business data. Integrate business data.

Create views and forms for working with a variety of data sources using tools supported by Office SharePoint Designer 2007. Build SharePoint Web pages that present and edit data coming from SharePoint lists and document libraries, XML files, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Web services, and enterprise systems.
Develop sites compatible with a wide range of browsers and Web standards. Develop sites compatible with a wide range of browsers and Web standards.

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 has excellent support for creating Web pages based on Web standards such as XHTML and cascading style sheets and meeting Web accessibility requirements for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG and Section 508 (29 U.S.C. 794d), including built-in compatibility checkers for these standards.
Build advanced ASP.NET pages. Build advanced ASP.NET pages.

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 supports creating and editing ASP.NET pages. It provides the same level of support as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for ASP.NET control hosting, property editing, toolbox, and Microsoft IntelliSense technology in Code View.
Manage and help protect your site. Manage and help protect your site.

Use reports in Office SharePoint Designer 2007
to help manage your site by checking for broken links, unused pages, cascading style sheets usage, and master page usage. Site backup and restore features make it easy to save your site to a single file for helping to protect data or moving it to another server running Windows SharePoint Services technology.