SharePoint Customization: Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)

While the Content Editor Web Part is anything but ideal for actual “content editing” it does serve as a great tool for adding snippets of javascript to a page to manipulate the DOM or add a client side mini-application. I am a big fan of using the CEWP for these types of jobs.

One of the key things you can do in SharePoint using the content editor web part is manipulate the DOM using getElementByID.

Learn more about using getElementById:

Todd Bleeker has bunch of great CEWP things in the works

SharePoint: SharePoint in the Marketplace

2005 was a big year for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services as a platform for business solutions – and 2006 looks even brighter.

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 20, 2006 — Heading into a new year, it’s always good for companies to reflect on what worked well in the past year, so they can build on that success. For Microsoft in 2005, one of the biggest winners was SharePoint Products & Technologies.

Today more than 600 systems integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) are building portal and collaboration solutions which utilize Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, and more than 350 partners are extending the functionality of Windows SharePoint Services specifically for their solutions. Popular solutions include collaborative applications to help automate business processes, business intelligence and performance management solutions, search and workflow software, and vertical or industry specific solutions. The solutions demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to meeting customer and market needs for more interoperable software that benefits customers and the IT ecosystem.

According to Kurt DelBene, corporate vice president of the Office Server Group at Microsoft, the extensibility of Windows SharePoint Services is a conscious design choice to create a product that takes advantage of the industry’s rich ecosystem of solution providers and highly specialized software developers.

“We have designed Windows SharePoint Services with the foundational components that enable customers and partners to develop solutions for collaboration, content management and portals,” DelBene says. “The capabilities we have designed and implemented as part of WSS provide that foundation for third parties, ISVs, customers and systems integrators to develop robust business solutions on top of it.”

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SharePoint v3: Tracking in Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

I just noticed this on Mark Krugers Blog.

Tracking in Windows SharePoint Services
A very common use of Windows SharePoint Services lists is to track important information. Lists are really useful as a tracking tool; they can easily be sorted, filtered, grouped. They can be easily edited and the Datasheet control can be used for bulk list operations. By subscribing to a list for alerts, individuals can easily identify when important changes happen to the list items they care about.

In Windows SharePoint Services V3, we have added some additional features to our list infrastructure that are both useful in their own right, and also make it easier to build more sophisticated tracking applications.

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Information Worker Solutions: Congrats to Infotech Canada

We (Infotech Canada) recently had one of our Team Tools products Trace veritested.

We we happy to find out it passed with flying colours and is now a member of the Windows Server 2003 catalog from Microsoft.

We were also happy to find out that this also put us over the top in the competency/partnership program. With the recent developments Infotech moved from Microsoft Partner – Information Worker Solutions to Microsoft Gold Partner – Information Worker Solutions and Internet Services Vendor.

We are all quite stoked about it, it’s good to see the hard work we’ve put into the SharePoint initiative really start to show.

2006 has started off quite nicely. Ok I am done gloating now, hey it’s my blog!

Home again!

Sorry the blog has been a little slow the last couple of weeks, I have been on the road with Amanda doing some training/presenting on SharePoint customization.

It was fun, but a lot of work as well so it’s nice to be home again. If I have missed any emails over the last couple of weeks my apologies but I have well over 1,000 spam messages to pick through so if it’s important please send again.

SharePoint Customization: SPS Area Content Web Parts

Seems there is a bug with the layout for the AREA Content Web Part in SharePoint Portal Server. If you turn on the borders the right border doesn’t display.

I just fuddled with it for a few minutes and came up w/ this quick fix. This was easy to fix thanks to the Internet Explorer Dev Toolbar a tool I must say absolutely goes hand in hand w/ SharePoint Customization now.

Add this to your custom stylesheet for SharePoint Portal Server. (I say custom because I know you are linking to your own and not editing SPS.css right?).

/* Fix for the AREA CONTENTS border */’ div { width:99%; }

As you can see after looking at the DOM I noticed a TD then a DIV so I tried reducing the divs with just a tad to see if it would display the border. Sure enough it works.

I am adding this here for the general public and myself. I have accessed my blog about 50 times while on the road searching for quick fixes.

Happy Customizing