Halo 2 Wins Game of the Year

Last night Halo 2 took in a pile of awards at the 3rd annual “G-Phoria” awards.

From Teamxbox.com


Alt Sports Award Fueled by Mountain Dew
NBA Street V3

Best Adaptation
LEGO Star Wars The Video Game

Best Action Game
God of War

Best Boss
Halo 2 – Scarab Battle

Best Cinematic
God of War

Best Graphics
Half-Life 2

Best Handheld Game
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Best Innovation
Katamari Damacy

Best Licensed Soundtrack
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Best Multiplayer Game
Halo 2

Best Original Game
God of War

Best Original Soundtrack
Halo 2

Best Racing Game
Burnout 3: Takedown

Best RPG
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Best Shooter
Halo 2

Best Sound Design
Halo 2

Best Traditional Sports Game
Madden NFL 2005

Best Voice Performance – Female
Half-Life 2 – Merle Dandridge

Best Voice Performance – Male
Halo 2 – David Cross

EB Gamers Choice Award
World of Warcraft

Favorite Character
God of War – Kratos

Game of the Year
Halo 2

Legend Award Presented by Jeep
Ralph Baer

No More Comments…For Now

Unfortunately given the latest blasting of comment spam I have received I have had no other choice but to disable comments from my weblog. It really bothers me that I have to give in like this to the bullies but at this point, having 30,000 unapproved comments means I can’t reasonably find any legitimate conversations anyhow.

The same goes for Trackbacks – while they are still enabled on my older posts, I will be disabling them over the next while. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to globally disable trackbacks across all my historical posts so I guess I will have to manually disable them one post at a time. Ewww.

I think this means it’s time for me to move to a new posting engine. I have a blog site template created from a long time ago on SharePoint that I never launched so maybe I will use that. Might be a bit of fun and a good dogfood example if nothing else. I’ll just have to get Shane to make me a l33t Xbox skin for it.

In the meantime, if you have something to say in response to anything I am writing, please don’t hesitate to email me. I still love to hear from you!

Team System Rocks

Found this very cool site via Omar Villarreal’s weblog. One of the things I am liking the most about Team System is the growing number of resources that are popping up everywhere with respect to documentation and training. Demonstrates the advantages of releasing tools for an already well developed community.

I was also happy to discover last week that there is a Team System vpc image available on MSDN downloads. Don’t expect super fast downloads rates though. :)

Step-by-Step Tutorial on SharePoint Site Creation (Part 6)

Note, the entire tutorial from start to finish will be available as a single zip file when it is complete, it will include all source html, css, PSD/Images etc.

So here we are, the last stage in the intial design process. The next phase we can finally dive right into the SharePoint side.

This section – Initial Site Creation – Setting the stage w/ SharePoint in mind is simply cutting up your comps, putting the HTML, CSS etc. together and forming some semblence of a website.
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Problems with RenderAsHtml and Private Documents

Recently we’ve been working with creating a webpart to display private documents ‘on’ MySite.

While most things seem to be working smoothly there are a few very quirky things which I am putting out there to see if anyone else has run into the same troubles.

Here’s are some technical details.

When using SPView.RenderAsHtml the following features do not work:

1.) Filter

2.) Sort

3.) Paging

4.) Navigate to subfolder.

We’ll take the instance of navigating to the subfolder as an example.

On a regular ListViewWebPart, when you click on a folder, the page does a post back and the the RootFolder is specified on the query string.

When using SPView.RenderAsHtml, the postback occurs but the RootFolder does not seem to be passed on the query string.

What I would like to know, is if there is a way to pass what the Root Folder a view should start in either to the SPView object or the RenderAsHtml method.

Basically we’re trying to intercept what is normally being displayed by RenderAsHtml.

Just curious as to if anyone has had similar issues. Any input would be greatly appreciated so put those thinking caps on!

Blog your way to PDC

You want to go to the PDC but don’t want to pay the entry fee? Well, blog your way to the PDC!

If you win this contest you’ll win a ticket to the PDC, $1000 (US) in an airfare voucher and hotel accomodations at one of the venue hotels.

Write a post on your personal weblog that explains why you want to attend the PDC and also include the following bit of HTML code on your post. Once you’ve made your post, click through on the icon below to send the PDC Team a referrer and you’ve just entered the contest.


Alternatively you can always code your way there!

Gotta love contests!

PS – The next installment of the tutorial is just about ready, another day or so, it’s getting there.

SharePoint Site Creation – Step-by-Step – UI Design (Part 5)

Note, the entire tutorial from start to finish will be available as a single zip file when it is complete, it will include all source html, css, PSD/Images etc.

Seems heading off to TechED in Orlando (which was great and I will post a bunch of pictures on soon), work and everything in between had a toll on my ability to get this tutorial done faster.

In the future I’m going to set a little time aside each day to try and get posts up. First things first though I will complete this tutorial so stay tuned for the next steps coming in the next few days.

The next steps will start to delve into getting the comp cut up and creating the site. We’ll start to tackle the SharePoint side of things in the coming entries.

I have also decided that in the end I will post a single zip file which you can download that will contain the entire tutorial as a PDF and the files used to complete it.

Now, enough of that, read on for part 5!
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SharePoint Job Opportunity

For any of you that might be interested in a SharePoint job opportunity:

Pay Rate: $70,000 – $80,000 Salary
Position Type: 6 Month Contract to Hire/Full-Time or Contract
Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Project Description:

Our client is seeking a candidate who will be Part of team that implements Sharepoint Portal and or Windows Sharepoint Services. Understanding of Sharepoint architecture required and experience implementing Sharepoint SPS or WSS is required. Candidate will also work onsite with clients in requirement analysis of a Sharepoint Portal solution. Engagement may require development using Visual Studio .NET, Reporting Services, SQL Server and Infopath.

Work Environment:

Team: 50%
Individual: 50%
Client Facing: 50%
Work Week: 40 hrs

Development Time: 20%
Bus. Analysis: 30%
Architecture: 20%
Maintenance: 10%

Must Haves:

* U.S. Citizen/Greencard
* 6+ Months .NET experience ( VB.NET or C#.NET )
* 6+ Months of Business requirement gathering
* 1 year of production Windows SharePoint Services experience
* 1 year of production SharePoint Portal experience
* 1 year of developing Web Services
* Excellent Communication Skills

Company Description:

Our client is a leading provider of professional services, based around Microsoft Collaborative Technologies. They provide targeted consulting services for Microsoft Sharepoint Products and Technologies, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting and .NET custom solutions.


If you would like more information please call Carlos @ 703.538.2596 x9102 or email your most current resume to: carlos@dncnow.com with the Job Title in the subject.


Note the above listing is strictly posted as a service to anyone that might be interested in such an opportunity – I am not directly affiliated with the recruiter or organization.

We will be listing more job opportunities on our community site that we are getting ready to launch but in the meantime I thought I would start to post some here. If you are looking for a SharePoint position, let me know as I have multiple contacts that are actively seeking skilled SharePoint resources (all over the globe) and I might very well be able to help you out.

SharePoint – Vision Not Included

The SharePoint online community has been abuzz with discussion over a recent article by Mike Drips. In his article he points to what he considers 5 major flaws or shortcomings within SharePoint. Personally I was amused by Daniel McPherson’s reply article titled “Only Five Things Wrong with SharePoint”. My friend Bil Simser also had a good followup post on 5 of the good things about SharePoint.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the article. Heck even Scoble has mentioned it and he never talks SharePoint so frankly I wonder if there is really anything else I can offer to the conversation other than pointing out that everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how absurd their expression of it might seem. I know I’m Canadian, it’s really as nasty as I can get.

When you pour your heart and soul into a technology , you cannot help but rush to its defense when those around you fail to see its potential. It’s as if someone just tore a piece out of your best friend – you can’t just stand there and watch.

But the truth is, when you work with SharePoint (or any technology) you really need to accept the fact that some people just won’t get it. They won’t see the power of a system that right out of the box offers a team complete power of collaboration using tools that they are most familiar with. (Browser and Office) They fail to realize how powerful it is to free your key developers up from boring tasks such as electronic form creation and internal data tracking systems to do things that truly challenge them and reward the company. They fail to realize that for a relatively low investment SharePoint offers an extremely amazing suite of tools that can be even further extended to map directly to an organization’s business processes. And it may not entirely be their fault. But no matter how hard you try, no matter what you show them, sometimes it’s just not gonna click. That’s fine though.

Why is it fine? Well for every one person I come across that doesn’t get it these days, there are five more that do. When I was at Tech Ed a few weeks ago my head was spinning with the number of people that were hyped on SharePoint. It was the single most talked about technology by far in the areas I visited. Team System was next. People are really starting to get just how powerful information can be when it is accessible and available to everyone that needs it.

Don’t get me wrong. I have my issues with the current version as well. I have a OneNote file that outlines just about every complaint or feature idea I have ever had. I also intend to have a wishlist posted on a new site I am launching soon with some help from Shane and some others in the community that will collect everyone’s wishes so that we can submit them to Microsoft for review. Why not share them right? In fact here are a few of the problems I have with the current version now:

Multilingual Support – My clients need it. I work with organizations that require equal representation of the French and English languages. Two separate sites for a team to collaborate is not acceptable. Some people have found ways to work around it through custom development but I would really like to see some formalized support for this in V3.

Ghosting / Unghosting of Pages – I know there are very good reasons never to allow someone to open a site in FrontPage. But some forgiveness would be nice. At the very least I would like to have the power to work with Data View Web Parts directly on a page and not have to unghost it from the server. Whether this is through FrontPage, the browser or another tool, just give me access to what is an extremely powerful feature of SharePoint.

Top Level Portal Area URL Names - Why only 20? Or better yet why is it every client I seem to work with appears to have 20+ unique companies or divisions that require a better url that http://superserver/c14/marketing. I know its for scalability reasons but I wish we could have more. Twenty just isn’t enough because no matter how hard I try, some people just can’t accept http://superserver/c14/marketing as the url for their divisional site. And well, I can’t blame them.

Document Versioning – I like the versioning in a WSS document library. I just wish the Shared Documents library from a standard team site had it enabled by default. Minor detail that has caused many people I know major headaches. Again something that can get resolved easily through custom dev but I fail to see why it wasn’t enabled by default. Also what gives with the versioning and metadata being lost whenever a document is moved to another workspace or library. Especially when publishing a document from a document workspace back to its original location. Our company developed a tool that has proven to be quite popular to resolve this but I am still amazed we had to.

Event Handlers for Lists - I’d really love to see this in the next version. It would make so many templates that we develop for clients to help them with tracking of their business information so much more powerful. In the latest version I have used InfoPath in cases where a custom SharePoint list would have been equally acceptable for the sole purpose of being able to use an event handler.

Again proof that no matter how much you love something, you can always see room for improvement. The same goes for my dog, excellent and reliable companion but darn I wish she would learn to get on the ball and cook us supper while we are at work. Wouldn’t hurt her to do a load of laundry or two once in a while either. I also wish my 2002 Cavalier could climb 6 foot snow banks so that I would never have to shovel again.

But I also see plenty of good things in SharePoint and the Office System that completely cancel out the perceived shortcomings. Things that allow me to be a hero to my customers because I can with great confidence walk through their doors and know that I am going to help them with their problems. I love that I can improve the way they communicate and collaborate with one another by not having to change how they do their work or the tools they like to work with. I love that we can consistently over deliver just based on what the platform already gives us. And I love that I am surrounded both at work and in the community by people that have this same vision and commitment to this wonderful technology that I do and that things will only get better from here. And I even accept that not everybody gets this yet but I do know I am grateful for those that do. You have the vision. You get it.