Channel 9 Guy Hits the Road

Jeff Sandquist posted a link to the funniest video I have seen in ages. I suddenly find myself liking the Channel 9 guy much more than I did before. He has personality now. He is now cool enough to come over to my house on a Friday evening for a BBQ and a beer. Of course Newfoundland isn’t exactly “on the road to PDC” but I will extend my invitation anyway. Who knows maybe he will stick me in his suitcase on the way back. :)

Very funny stuff though – looking forward to the next installment. Also be sure to check out the “Convince the Boss Kit” on Don’t beg for a developer conference trip without it.

The First Post is the Hardest…

Wow can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks. Things have been crazy but I figured I would throw something up here to break the silence and possibly get me back into the swing again.

I’ve been on the road a bit over the past few weeks. But it’s good to be home for a while now. There is nothing like being away to make me realize just how much I love our little house.

Shane and I had a blast at Tech Ed in Orlando last week. It was just awesome. An amazingly well run event, a tonne of great new friends, and I may have even learned a new thing or two along the way. :)

I will do a better write up on those experiences later this weekend but for now I figured I would link to some of our pics from our week in Florida for those that have been asking to see them.

This is a pic of Shane and I by the pool at our hotel. I received a lot of comments from the people I met at Tech Ed that read my blog that they had no idea what I looked like so I guess I will try and post more pics here now. Click the pic to see the rest.

I’m not leavin! – You can’t make me!

Ok so maybe you can. Turns out this week has gone by much faster than anyone would have liked, but like all good things, they must come to an end.

For us that’s today … We’re leaving Orlando at 2PM for another long day of travel, but worth every minute.

Orlando has been great, I could quite easily go for another week or two, or three …

Some highlights from the trip that stand out:

Steve B’s Keynote – Great speaker, was a lot of fun.

First few sessions were lightweight but they got better. We seen a really good session on site definitions for SharePoint that I want the slidedeck for.

Shopping @ Point Orlando – Woo lots of Kangol!

Florida Mall – That’s a BIG mall.

Disney World – Never too old for Disney!

Universal Studios – The theme park was really neat, great street-dancers!

City Walk – Cures my addiction for Hard Rock Cafe swag! Great spot, alot of fun, especially at night.

Cocoa Beach – I came this far, I was going to the beach! – We rented a car yesterday and drove to the beach, it was entirely too windy due to the storm incoming but at least now I can say I’ve been.

The people – got to meet a lot of really cool people, it’s been fun. I even had time to head to the Outback and meet up with some old (asherons call) gamer buddies!

Overall it’s just been awesome, it’s a beautiful city, really warm, very nice … People have been great and we had a great time.

Microsoft did an awesome job at providing for a massive crowd. There was food, drink, ice-cream every 10 feet. Universal at night to ourselves, lots of more dining, free spirits! The busses were almost always on time and there was rarely any wait at all.

The hotel we stayed at (JW Mariott) was great as well. VERY nice, nice pool, nice people overall good experience.

And the coolest thing I seen on the trip! – The ICE BAR! That was just entirely too cool, they had a massive bar made of ice in the middle of the warm weather in Florida. Gotta love it.

On that note – It’s time to get ready, pack and all that fun stuff. We’ll be arriving back in St. John’s at 11pm.

Good times … :)

3 hours of sleep, 8 hours of travel and here we are in Orlando Florida.

Went to bed at midnight after re-installing my OS. Up again at 3am, at the airport for 4:30am.

St. John’s Airport – Customs screening was VERY thorough. Then to Halifax, we remained on the plane, then off to Ottawa where we deplaned and had to go through customs again.

Everything went smoothly, then off to Orlando where we just touched down. Smooth flight but we were both getting pretty figety by the time we landed.

Long story short, here we are, It’s HOT! – Great hotel (JW Mariotte). I look forward to meeting some of you down here. I’ll post as much as possible on each days events, complete with photos (im the ultimate tourist, I take photo’s of “EVERYTHING!”).

SharePoint Theme

SharePoint Theme Customization, let’s start at the end. Here’s a freebie!

Take a look at the before and after:



I was intially holding off on making this post as I’m going to be touching on it during the ending steps in the tutorial posts that are now on-going.

After much hounding from Amanda I’ve decided to post this theme up for grabs now.

One of the things my team does is create components (web parts, site templates, applications, etc…) for SharePoint.

To add to the pot I have created a custom theme for Windows SharePoint Services that is available for download for free from our company’s corporate site.
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Pre-Tech Ed party is ON. Here are the details. Please pass the word

Party with Palermo

I am hosting a pre-Tech Ed party on Saturday, June 4th. That is the day before the pre-con.

The Peabody hotel is just across the street from the conference center, and that is where we will meet.

Then, later on that evening, we’ll have a large geek dinner at the restaurant in the Peabody lobby (I’m assuming everyone won’t have cars to enable driving a few miles).

Let him know if you are interested.

Orlando Bound

To those that have been following the SharePoint customization tutorial don’t worry it’s still on-going. I’m about 80% through the next installment (still working on the actual GUI).

Things have been hectic this last week trying to clue things up and prepare for Orlando.

We will be touching down in Orlando Florida tommorow afternoon. We will be attending TechED 2005 all week.

For those that cannot make it down to Orlando, I will try (no promises) and make daily posts during the event to keep people updated on what’s going on down there and of course include photos when I can. (Lots when I get back for sure!).

For those that are going to be in Orlando I look forward to meeting you down there.

If you would like to meet up in Orlando feel free to email me.

If you have not already heard/read, we’re going to try and get as many SharePoint enthusiasts together for a little shindig. Check out Amanda’s blog for more on that.