Happy Bday Sammy!

My niece Samantha is turning 13 today. I am amazed at how she has grown up over the past few years. Not only is she an awesome big sis to her brother Arnold (no other can make him laugh the way she does) but she is a pretty awesome gal overall.

I am quite proud that everyone calls her my own personal “mini-me”. Happy Birthday buddy!!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on SharePoint Site Creation

Note, the entire tutorial from start to finish will be available as a single zip file when it is complete, it will include all source html, css, PSD/Images etc.

First and foremost – Everything mentioned herein you may not agree with, you may not even think it’s right. These methods are my own and are based on real-world experiences that I have had in creating SharePoint sites over the last 6 months or so. As with most things there are often several ways of doing things, this one is mine…

All “SharePoint” customization will be using FrontPage 2003.

This entry will likely span into a 4-5 part tutorial on creating a SharePoint site that looks like a “real” website.

I’ll try and take things step-by-step in creating a “real website” and then converting it into a SharePoint site. I will keep it as simple as possibe so that it’s relatively easy to follow.

For anyone that just wants to follow along and get their feet wet I will include everything I’ve used for the site creation, HTML/Graphics/CSS etc.

This will be a fairly long post(s) but hopefully if there are a few people out there experiencing the SharePoint (Learning Pains) this should help you.

I’m going to be fairly in-depth about the entire process of the site creation, covering everything from; brainstorming, what make’s sense/what doesn’t, sketching, creating the graphics, creating the site, styling the site and finally converting everything to a fully content-managed and dynamically driven SharePoint Site.

On that note let’s jump right in …
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Thanks Julie!

Wow! Last week I had the strange experience of blushing while reading a post on one of my fave blogs. Julie Lerman said that I was her nomination for a Team99 candidate. Team99 is an initiative being set up by Robert’s team for Longhorn. Again let me say WOW. Coming from someone as active in the community as Julie is – I was extremely touched.

So this is the point where I am supposed to act cool and say something to the effect of “Pfft as if I’d agree to do something like that” or perhaps “I MIGHT consider doing it against my own will…but only because I want to prove yadda yadda”. Yep I suppose that would be the cool way to respond…

Well this is where the real me comes out. Frankly I have no problem admitting that I would absolutely love to be selected for such a group. Why? Well there are 100 reasons but they all essentially come back to the fact that I have passion for the technology. I choose to evangelize Microsoft products because I believe in them. But the fact that I am passionate also means that I want more and I won’t ever settle for status quo.

I want better features and improved usability in all the tools I use. I want to eliminate ineffective processes and the duplication of efforts throughout organizations. I want people to focus on what they are good at doing and simply use the tools in a manner that is as natural as breathing. Believe me I have a list of SharePoint features I want to see in the next versions a mile long. Same with Windows…same with Xbox (not far now woot) and so on.

Having passion for a particular technology does not mean that you are blind to ways it needs to improve. It just means that you share the vision. You can see what the potential really is and you are happy to help others see it as well.

Just call me a Natural Born Evangelist. :)

The Countdown is Nearing the End…

The excitement is really starting to build over the Xbox 360 reveal taking place this week in LA. MSN has pics of some of the glam people that attended one of taped events. I know you are probably wondering why you didn’t see my pic there. I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

Also for us Canucks there is a contest on CTV as part of the countdown. Basically once a day you receive a text message with a question. For each answer you send back, you receive a ballot for a draw for a Samsung Digital TV or MP3 player. A reasonable award for having to stay up till 2am to watch the freaking launch I guess. I’ll be travelling so I’ll be wide awake anyhow I am sure.

And of course there are tonnes of stories on the leaked specs and pics that have made their way to the Net. All and all should be an exciting couple of months leading up to Christmas. Stay tuned…

Last Developer Standing

Only a few days left to get your tests completed for round 1 of the Last Developer Standing contest. So far everyone I have talked to regarding this contest is loving it. And as someone who works with a user group that has every level of skill from total beginner to guru – I love that this contest offers a little something for each of them.

For the beginners – this contest offers great free training with a chance to win one of the awesome instant prizes. For the gurus – this is an amazing opportunity to show the Nation (or world for that matter) that you have the skills. Oh yah plus the chance to win $25,000.

Adam Gallant is posting up a storm over on his weblog with tips and tricks for developers that have entered the contest – or maybe are just starting to get their feet wet with .NET.

Adam has also had a great series of posts on Team System lately as well. Great to see him blogging so much these days. Can’t wait to Screech him in on his next visit to the Rock – been a long time coming!

Xbox 360 FAQ

Let’s face it, there have been more rumors going about on the next gen Xbox system that most of us can stomach. The hardest thing about rumors is they usually have no basis of fact and create all kinds of panic amongst those that can’t tell the difference between truth and speculation…can you say “hard drive” and “backwards compatibility”?

All that aside, things are really starting to heat up in anticipation of May 12th when the folks from Xbox will be unveiling the real thing. Finally something other than “I can neither confirm nor deny blah blah blah”.

But for those of you still looking for early sneak peaks that have been neither confirmed or denied – you may want to check out IGN’s compilation. I suspect that this FAQ list will be one to watch over next few weeks.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my friend John Porcaro on his 15 years at Microsoft. Very impressive! I can’t imagine what an exciting ride it must have been. But I am sure there will be lots of great things to come as well (*cough* May 12th *cough*).

John’s an awesome representation of the type of people that make Microsoft great. He goes out of his way to reach out and help customers and is very passionate about what he does. All the stuff that makes a difference in this crazy world we live in. Congrads John!