Buried in Snow…Again!

I can’t believe it’s March and we still had to shovel our driveway for an hour and a half after we got home from work just to fit our tiny little car in.

I really can’t stand to look at this white stuff anymore…anyone doing SharePoint in Hawaii? Tahiti? Heck anywhere where it doesn’t snow 6 months a year?

Oh well hopefully only two more months left :(

The 5 F’s of Life

Jeff Sandquist had a post that was spot on today. He spoke of evaluating the 5 F’s of life in an effort to maintain a suitable work-life balance.

Jeff identifies the 5 F’s as:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Finance
4. Fitness
5. Philanthropy

I have always been huge on self assessment and goal evaluation. I want to have an extremely successful career and I certainly dedicate a lot of time towards that so it’s important that I periodically step back and make sure I am still on the path I should be. But I like to do that for all aspects of my life as well. I want to be an active member of my community and make sure that my life offers value to those around me – that includes my family, my friends, my church and those that may not know me but still need my love or support.

Anyhow Jeffs 5 F’s are spot on. I really couldn’t agree more that those 5 items equal a balanced and properly structured life. And I thank him for making me think about them just a little more. ;)

Finished Fable

So it’s been a crazy busy month at work but I can’t complain too much since I did find some time to play Xbox and finish Fable. Overall I really loved that game. Excellent gameplay with the added bonus of really feeling that I had solid control over the development of my character. The evil vs good thing was totally kickin. However after I finished the game…I had a very empty feeling inside. Suddenly I felt unfulfilled.

Any chance of an expansion pack where “hero” finds out he has a long lost cousin “Jed” that needs some saving?

Oh and while I did continue through the game as a very virtuous player – I couldn’t resist killing my sister in the end so I could keep the sword. I mean who plays a game for that long so they can throw away the prized weapon? Pfft.

50 Player Games on Xbox Live

Now this is gonna be intense…

NovaLogic confirmed today that the forthcoming title Delta Force – Black Hawk Down, for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, will feature mammoth 50 Player battles over Xbox Live!

This is the first time any Xbox title has demonstrated a multiplayer experience of up to 50 players on Xbox Live, with the current standard being 16 players. Based on the award winning, number 1 best selling PC franchise, DF – BHD has been redeveloped for the console specifically to take advantage of Xbox Live.

Xbox Live features for Delta Force – Black Hawk Down on Xbox include team support, stats, voice chat, messaging, matchmaking and more. In addition to the record breaking 50 player games online, DF – BHD also supports 8 multiplayer game types over a variety of different multiplayer environments, as well as 4 player split screen co-op and Xbox communicator headset support.

Wow now I can get my butt kicked by 49 other players in a rumble pit type match. Woo hoo. Should be a great game though. I love my fighting games!

Catch Up

I have been doing a tonne of writing at work lately (proposals, statements of work, functional specs, recommendation reports, etc…) so therefore I am finding it hard to catch up on my blog writing. Sometimes I get so sick of reading my own writing that I pretty much assume that everyone else is too.

It’s been a great couple of weeks for our .NET User Group. Last week Adam Gallant was here as part of the MSDN Canada User Group Tour on Interoperability. Great evening and presentation. He even stayed late and through in a bonus walk through of the Visual Studio Team System. I couldn’t possibly be more excited about that system being released. I have seen plenty of earlier demos but this one had my head in a spin. It’s exactly what our team has been mimicking over the past few years via Project Server / SharePoint but better suited for a development team that lives in VS. I get the info I need – they don’t have to use 3-4 different systems to get it to me. I truly can’t wait!

That was Adam’s second of three trips to Newfoundland in February. He was also back this past Tuesday as part of the MSDN Deep Dives Event on ASP.NET 2.0. Another awesome event. I have already heard many great things from the attendees I have talked to. Clearly everyone is starting to get excited and looking forward to the release of VS2005. If you live in Canada – keep an eye out for any tours coming your way. I believe registration in closed for most areas but you might be able to squeeze into one somewhere. I was really happy to have the event here in St. John’s. It was a first and hopefully not the last.

A big thanks to the crew at MSDN Canada for being so supportive of our growing community here for the past 12 months.

My Big Bro

I have many fond memories as a child of the totally cool inventions and creations of my (much) older bro. Between go-karts, snow forts, treehouses, costumes (this list could go on and on) – we always had a riot. I totally lucked out in the big bro category! It was really worth the scatter “glo-ball” in the face.

Sam and Arnold are totally lucky to have a dad that is so creative. I mean what other dad would rig up a Sponge Bob costume on a Tuesday evening (after probably a 12 hour work day) for something to do with his daughter?



He’s still my hero! :)